Neuheiten 23.11.18

5-Minute Marvel: Card Game/Cooperative Play/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Spin Master) US
Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun Standalone Sequel (Green Couch) US
Black Hole Council: Deduction/Pattern Recognition/Simultaneous Action Selection/Voting (Orange Machine) US
Capital City: Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting/Hand Management/Set Collection (Calliope) US
Cult – Choose Your God Wisely:
Horror/Auction/Bidding/Worker Placement (Cryptozoic) US
Dark Souls – The Card Game: Forgotten Paths (Steamforged) US
Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Kraken, Miniatures Pack (Minion) US
Dice Settlers:
Area Control/Area Influence/Deck/Pool Building/Dice Rolling/Tile Placement (NSKN) US
Dicey Peaks: Exploration/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Press Your Luck (Calliope) US
Dungeons & Dragons Boardgame: Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Wizards of the Coast) US
D&D Dungeon Mayhem: Card Game/Fantasy/Player Elimination (Wizards of the Coast) US
Exceed: Emogine Bonus Fighter, Sydney & Serena Bonus Fighter (Level99) US
Area Control/Area Influence/Dice Rolling/Paper-and-Pencil/Secret Unit Deployment (Braincrack) US
Fireball Island – The Curse of Vul-Kar:
The Last Adventurer (Restoration) US
Party Pack (Steve Jackson) US
Neandertal/Greenland: Folding Board (Stonemeier) US
One Week Ultimate Werewolf: Party Game/Hand Management/Modular Board/Role Playing/Voting (Bézier) US
Roll for Your Life, Candyman!: Humor/Real-time/Dice Rolling/Player Elimination (Smirk&Dagger) US
Ruchlos: Card Crafting/Hand Management/Set Collection (Piatnik) DT
RWBY – Combat Ready:
Fighting/Cooperative Play/Variable Player Powers (Arcane Wonders) US
Golden Fleece (Spinmaster) US
Showtime: Card Game/Family (Pegasus) DT/US
ShutterBug: Exploration/Hand Management/Set Collection (Calliope) US
Sword & Sorcery: Darkness Falls (Arcane Wonders) US
Terraforming Mars: Colonies (Stonemeier) US