Neuheiten 25.01.19

20 Questions: Partygame/Deduktion (Piatnik) DT
Arcadia Quest: Riders Expansion (Asmodee) DT
Champions of Hara: Area Movement/Cooperative Play/Grid Movement/Hand Management/Modular Board (Greenbrier) US
Cloud Mine: Partygame/Humor/Storytelling (Piatnik) DT
Concordia Venus: Card Drafting/Deck/Pool Building/Hand Management/Partnerships/Point to Point Movement (Rio Grande) US
Concordia: Venus Expansion (Rio Grande) US
Dice Throne: Season Two Box 1, Season Two Box 2 (Rio Grande) US
Dragonfire Adventures: Ravaging the Sword Coast Expansion (Catalyst) US
Green Deal: Education/Area Influence/Tile Placement/Simultane Aktionen (Karma Games) DT
The Duke Reinforcements: Battle Troops (Catalyst) US
Fireball Island – The Curse of Vul-Kar: Wreck of Crimson Cutlass (Restoration) US
Folklore – The Affliction: Encounter Record Pad, Character Record Pad (Greenbrier) US
Grifters: Nexus Expansion (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Horizons: Extermination Expansion Pack (Daily Magic) US
Jägermonster Poker Deck: Classic Poker Deck with Artwork from Girl Genius and Ricochet Poker Rules Included (Cheapass) US
King of Tokyo: King Kong Expansion (Iello) DT
Krosmaster: Wild Realms Blind Boxen (Ankama) US
Machi Koro: 5th Anniversary Edition (Pandasaurus) US
Mage Wars Academy: Elementalist Expansion (Arcane Wonders) US
Master of Wills: Area Control/Area Influence/Area Movement/Deck/Pool Building/Variable Phase Orders/Variable Player Powers (Stormcrest) US
Munchkin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) US
Munchkin: Unicorn and Friends (Steve Jackson Games) US
Mystic Vale:Schutzhüllen (Pegasus)
Northern Pacific 2nd Edition: Common Speculation/Route/Network Building/Stock Holding (Rio Grande) US
Pairs: Leaf Deck (Cheapass) US
Ratland – Conquest of the Sewer: Simultaneous action Selection/Take That/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Eclipse Editorial) US
Root: Action/Movement Programming/Area Control/Area Influence/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Leder) US
Root: Riverfolk Expansion (Leder) US
Traveller CCG: Type S Scout Deck, Empress Marava Far Trader Deck, Subsidized Merchant Deck, Trouble on the Mains Expansion (Horizon) US
The Viking Game – HNEFATFL: Abstract Strategy/Grid Movement/Variable Player Powers (Historycraft) DT/US/FR/JP/NV/SP

Alone in the Storm – Solo Play Expansion for War Storm Series: Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter/Simulation (Draco Ideas) US
Commands & Colors – Ancients: 6th Printing Core Game (GMT) US
Commands & Colors – Ancients: 3rd Printing Expansion #1, 2nd Printing Expansion #2/3
Commands & Colors – Napoleonics: 3rd Printing Spanish Army, 2nd Printing Prussian Army (GMT) US
Normany – The Beginning of the End: Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter/Modular Board/Simulation (Draco Ideas) US/SP
World at War Magazine #64: The Rats of Tobruk (Decision) US

Miniaturen & Tabletops:
Battletech – The Game of Armored Combat: Reprint Core Box (Catalyst) US
Battletech: Beginner Box, Shattered Fortress (Catalyst) US
Infinity: Kaizoku Spec-Ops, Dart Optimate Huntress, Ariadna Support Pack Box, Rodok – Armed Imposition, Kamau – Amphibian intervention Teams (Corvus Belli) DT
Warhammer AOS: Gloomspite Gitz – Loonboss, Sneaky Snufflers, Rockgut Troggoths, Mangler Squigs, Dankhold Troggoth, Gobbapalooza (Games Workshop) DT