Neuheiten 27.10.20

2GM: Pacific (Draco) US
Battle of Raclawice 1794: 2nd Edition (Stratagemata) US
Command & Colors Tricorne – Jacobite Rising: In a battle scenario, two players will command either the Jacobite forces or the units of the Government army. There are 13 battle scenarios in the game. A scenario’s battle notes state which player takes the first turn and players will alternate taking turns thereafter until one player reaches the number of Victory Banners indicated in the scenario’s victory conditions. (Compass) US
Operation Ichi-Go – Japan’s Massive 1944 Offensive Across China: In mid-1944, despite their rapidly deteriorating position, the Japanese launched a massive offensive in China. This was the largest ground offensive in Japanese history, with 500,000 troops, 800 tanks and massive logistics and artillery support. (Against the Odds) US
Red Poppies Campaigns Volume 3 – Assault Artillery La Malmaison: The Battle of La Malmaison, 23-27 October 1917, in which the French employed their Artillerie Spéciale (tank force) and creeping barrage to capture Pinon, Vaudesson, and the coveted Chemin des Dames ridge. The French victory confirmed their recovery from the mutinies spawned by the disastrous Nivelle Offensive fought over some of the same ground six months earlier. (Compass) US
Traders of the Air: 2 to 4 leaders of a steampunk trading guild visit cities to acquire goods and to place influence markers. (Compass) US
YAAH! #14: Rattenkrieg (Flying Pig) US