Neuheiten 05.11.20

Pen & Paper:
5th Edition Adventures: Stains Upon the Green (Troll Lord) US
13th Age: Book of the Underworld (Pelgrane Press) US
Call of Cthulhu: Mansions of Madness Vol. 1 Behind Closed Doors (Chaosium) US
Dungeon Crawl Classics: Softcover Beastmen Edition, Horror #6 – The Web of All-Torment (Goodman Games) US
The Hero’s Journey: A fantasy roleplaying game that blends classic tradition and modern game design to bring you an experience where players take up the mantle of heroes in a world of danger and magic inspired by classic fairy stories and timeless fantasy literature. (Gallant Knight) US
Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition: As members of the elite Heightened Crime Investigation Unit, you and your fellow detectives solve crimes involving the city’s mutant community. (Pelgrane Press) US
Rise of the Drow: Tonight, a ceremony of light is taking place on the surface. Meanwhile, a world away in the city of spiders, a drow matron solidifies a pact with soul-consuming entities who require great sacrifices in trade for unimaginable power. Drow eyes turn to the surface. (AAW) US
Rocket Rangers Handbook: Heads up Rangers! Don’t leave Earth without this book to guide you. Many of you don’t look past the Oath, but pay attention to the operational schedule for a listing of all current Ranger stations and missions. Classic and 5E Edition (Why Not) US
Worlds of Legacy: Free from the Yoke (UFO) US