Neuheiten 12.12.20

7 Wonders Duel: Agora (Repos) DT
Adventure Mart: Auction/Bidding/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Hub) US
Alice in Wordland: Real-Time, Variable Player Powers (Drawlab) US
Atheneum – Mystic Library: Card Drafting/Tile Placement (Renegade) US
Agents of Mayhem: Johnny Gat is Back, Civil Overwatch Patrol, Terrain Upgrade (Academy) US
Autumn Harvest – A Tea Dragon Society Game: Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Renegade) US
BattleCON: Wanderers of Indines (Level99) US
BattleCON Solo Fighters: Anath Adrasteia, Claus & Wyndhal, Eliza, Lucius, Evil Hikaru, Rheye Cal, Takeshi Kamikaze, Andrus Dochartaigh Cal, Dolores Malephaise Cal, Victor, Oriax Two Godhacker (Level99) US
Beyond the Sun: Action Drafting/Events/Tech Trees/Tech Tracks/Worker Placement (Rio Grande) US
Blank: Hand Management/Take That (Hub) US
Builders of Blankenburg: Fields & Flocks (Cobblestone) US
Burger Academy: Action Queue/Pattern Building/Pattern Recognition/Speed Matching (Ultra PRO) US
Camp Pinetop: Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/Card Drafting/Grid Movement/Hand Management (Talon Strikes) US
Chachapoya – A Yapalocte Expedition Stand Alone Game: Hand Management/Player Elimination/Set Collection (Vagabund) US
Chicken Heist: Hand Management/Player Elimination/Push Your Luck (Fourtato) US
Chiseled – A Deck Sculpting Game: Hand Management/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Copper Frog) US
City Explorer: Tainan, Kyoto (Moaideas) US/CH
Cosmic Cows: Dice Rolling/Roll or Spin and Move (Playroom) US
Crimson Company Collector’s Box: Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting (Crimson Company) US/DT
CuBirds: Hand Management/Set Collection (Ultra PRO) US
Dad Joke Face-Off 2nd Edition: Hand Management/Player Judge/Simultaneous Action Selection/Storytelling (Ultra PRO) US
Disney – The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits Game: Push Your Luck/Set Collection (Funko) US
Disney – Shadowed Kingdom: Cooperative Game/Memory (Mondo) US
East Indiaman: Area Majority/Set Collection/Worker Placement (David Wang) US/CH
Ecosystem: Environmental/Card Drafting (Genius) US
Efemeris: Area Majority/Area Influence/Hand Management/Tile Placement (DTDA) US
Escape Tales: Children of the Wyrmwood (Board&Dice) US
Flügelschlag: Ozeanien Erweiterung (Feuerland) DT
Fog of Love: Alternate Cover Options, It Will Never Last Expansion, Trouble with the In-Laws Expansion (Hush Hush) US
Forgotten Waters: Dice Rolling/Events/Narrative Choice/Paragraph/Campaign Game/Semi-Cooperative Game/Stat Check Resolution/Storytelling/Worker Placement (Plaid Hat) DT
Gnomopolis: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Matagot) US/NL/FR
Gods Love Dinosaurs: Drafting/Tile Placement (Pandasaurus) US
Godzilla Tokyo Clash Strategy Game: Hexagon Grid/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Funko) US
Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted (Pull the Pin) US
Holding on – The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr: Cooperative Game/Set Collection/Storytelling/Worker Placement (Hub) US
Holi – Festival of Colors: Area Majority/Area Influence/Hand Management/Pattern Building (Floodgate) US
Human Era: Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Simultaneous Action Selection/Team-Based Game/Traitor Game/Voting (Lay Waste) US
Die Insel der Katzen: Card Drafting/Grid Coverage/Hidden Victory Points/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Square Grid/Tile Placement (Lautapelit) DT
Jurassic Snack: Dinosaurs/Grid Movement (The Flying) US
Kampf gegen das Spießertum: Aluhut Erweiterung, Blanko Erweiterung (Kampfhummel) DT
King of Movies – The Leonard Maltin Game: Bluffing/Paper-and-Pencil/Storytelling/Voting (Mondo) US
Kingdom Rush – Rift in Time: Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Modular Board/Pattern Building/Tile Placement/Variable Player Powers (Lucky Duck) US
Kyoto: Environmental/Bribery/Hand Management/Negotiation (Deep Print) DT
Lords of Zanora: Hand Management/Set Collection (Vhallarion) US
Marvel United: Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Solitaire Game/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Cool Mini or Not) DT
Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power (Ravensburger) US
Meeple Land: Modular Board/Tile Placement (Blue Orange) DT
MegaCity – Oceania: Area Majority/Area Influence/Modular Board/Real-Time/Stacking and Balancing/Tile Placement (Hub) US
Monster Soup: Family Game/Memory/Sensory/Pattern Recognition (Matagot) US
Munchkin: Disney (USAopoly) US
Munchkin: Munchkins and Mazes (Steve Jackson Games) US
Munchkin Age of Sigmar: Guts and Gory (Steve Jackson Games) US
Nerd Words – Science!: Betting and Bluffing/Paper-and-Pencil/Push Your Luck/Team-Based Game (Genius) US
Nerd Words – Science!: Core Game, Advanced Biology, Space Science, Medical Science, Earth Science (Genius) US
Ozeane: Prehistoric/Evolution/Hand Management (Schwerkraft) DT
Parks: Sternstunden (Feuerland) DT
Pavlov’s Dogs: Animals/Memory (9th Level) US
Power Rangers – Heroes of the Grid: Rise of the Psycho Rangers Expansion, Villain Pack #2 – Machine Empire (Renegade) US
Prisma Arena: Action Queue/Area Movement/Grid Movement/Variable Player Powers (Hub) US
Rambo – The Boardgame: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Grid Movement/Scenario Game/Solitaire Game (Everything Epic) US
Rambo – The Boardgame: Core Game, First Blood (Everything Epic) US
Runir: Dice/Medieval/Die Icon Resolution (Gamia) US/Icelandic
Sagrada – The Great Facades: Life Expansion (Floodgate) US
Shadow Rivals: Area Majority/Area Influence/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Set Collection/Take That (Moaideas) US
Slip Strike: Action Queue/Hand Management/Programmed Movement/Simultaneous Action Selection/Take That (Junk Spirit) US
Slip Strike: Blue Edition, Orange Edition (Junk Spirit) US
Spyfest: Modular Board/Roles with Asymmetric Information/Storytelling/Team-Based Game/Track Movement (Cryptozoic) US

Star Wars Armada: Separatistenallianz Starter Set, Galaktische Republik Starterset, Aufwertungskarten Sammlung (Fantasy Flight) DT
Star Wars X-Wing: V-Flügler der Nimbus Klasse, Eta-2-Actis, Tri-Droidenjäger (Fantasy Flight) DT
Symphony No.9: Betting and Bluffing/Commodity Speculation/Set Collection (Moaideas) US/CH
Tawantinsuyu – The Inca Empire: Action Points/Area Majority/Area Influence/Card Drafting/Hand Management/Pattern Building/Rondel/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Variable Setup/Worker Placement (Board&Dice) US
Towers of Am’harb: Area Majority/Area Influence/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Tile Placement/Variable Player Powers (Moaideas) US
Treasure Island: Captain Silver – Revenge Island (Matagot) US
Twilight Imperium 4. Edition: Prophezeihung der Könige (Fantasy Flight) DT
Unlock!: Star Wars (Asmodee) DT
Untold – Adventures Await: Dice Rolling/Role Playing/Storytelling (Hub) US
Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead (Cool Mini or Not) DT