Neuheiten 12.12.20

ASL: Best of Friends 2, Action Pack #15 – Swedish Volunteers, Roma 2020 (MMP) US
Chancellorsville 1863: A card-driven game on the American Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville. (Worthington) US
D-Day Quad Deluxe: The D-Day Quad uses the Fire & Movement system, designed to highlight the ability of motorized units to mass quickly for breakthrough and exploitation.  Winning the battle is a matter of maneuver, firepower, and asset management. (Decision) US
Heroes of Stalingrad: The Eastern Front, October 1942 — Whilst the German armies have put their boot down and established firm control of the Western front, their counterparts on the Eastern front are kept very busy in the USSR. (Devil Pig) US/FR
Hungarian Rhapsody: Hungarian Rhapsody depicts the Soviet drive into Hungary which led the Red Army into the Vienna basin. Rumania’s defection in August 1944 allowed the Soviets to outflank well defended Axis positions in the Carpathian Mountains through the South. (MMP) US
Iron Curtain – Central Europe 1945-1989: The 23rd game in the Standard Combat Series (SCS) covers the potential „hot“ war erupting between the East and the West at the flashpoint along the intra-German border established at the close of World War II. (MMP) US
Lock & Load Module Rules & Scenario Books: Stalin’s Triumph, Desert Heat, Storming the Gap, Heroes of the Motherland, White Star Rising, Heroes of the Falklands, Heroes of Normandy, Heroes of the Nam, Heroes in Defiance, Day of Heroes, Heroes of North Africa, Heroes of the Pacific, Heroes Against the Red Star (Lock and Load) US
A Splendid Little War – The 1898 Santiago Campaign: The game deals with all aspects of the Santiago Cuba Campaign of 1898 and covers the entire campaign and includes the Rough Riders, Cuban (and Spanish) Guerillas, Gatling Guns, the US Observation Balloon, Engineers, and just about everything in between. (Legion) US
War Diary Magazine: Issues 1 – 14 (Lock and Load) US
World at War #75: Centrifugal Offensive – The Japanese Campaign in the Pacific 1941-42 (Decision) US