Chocolate Factory: Action Points/Bias/Card Drafting/Contracts/End Game Bonuses/Pick-up and Deliver (Alley Cat) US
Cloud Control: Party Game/Pattern Building/Pattern Recognition (25th Century) US
Codenames: Marvel (USAopoly) US
Detective – City of Angels: Action Points/Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Team-Based Game (Van Ryder) US
Detective – City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood (Van Ryder) US
Dice Hospital: Community Care (Alley Cat) US
Dobble: Harry Potter (Asmodee) DT
Dominations: Hegemon (Holy Grail) US
Dream Runners: Grid Coverage/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Square Grid/Tile Placement (Ankama) US
ERA: Das Mittelalter Erweiterung (Pegasus) DT
Escape Dysturbia: Gefahr in den Docks (homunculus) DT
Florenza: Xth Anniversary Edition (Post Scriptum) US
Four Word Thinking: Simultaneous Action Selection/Tile Placement (Chronicle Books) US
Gloomhaven: Die Pranken des Löwen (Feuerland) DT
Homeworlds: Abstract Strategy/Modular Board/Player Elimination/Point to Point Movement (Looney Labs) US
Ice Duo: Dice Rolling/Pattern Building/Point to Point Movement/Push Your Luck/Set Collection/Three Dimensional Movement (Looney Labs) US
Imperial Settlers: Aufstieg eines Imperiums (Pegasus) DT
Markgrafen von Valeria: Area Movement/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Schwerkraft) DT
Martian Chess: Abstract Strategy/Grid Movement (Looney Labs) US
Mint Works: Card Drafting/Worker Placement (Five24 Labs) US
Mint Delivery: Action Points/Contracts/Increase Value of Unchosen Resources/Pick-up and Deliver/Point to Point Movement (Five24 Labs) US
Mint Cooperative: Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Five24 Labs) US
Mississippi Queen: Grid Movement/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver (Super Meeple) US
Monkey Business: Dice Rolling/Secret Identity/Party Game (Add a Game) US
Museum: The People’s Choice, The World Fair, The Archeologist, The Black Market (Holy Grail) US
Mystery Detective Vol. 2: Funny Death Real Life Cases (Add-A-Game) US
Nomids: Dice Rolling/Set Collection (Looney Labs) US
On the Origin of Species 2nd Edition: Hand Management/Tile Placement (Artana) US
Pan Am: Auction/Bidding/Constrained Bidding/Income/Network and Route Building (Funko) US
Poisons: Push Your Luck/Take That (Lumenaris) US
Secrets of the Lost Station: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Movement Points/Narrative Choice (Everything Epic) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Alternative Gender Heroes for Swamps of Death and City of Ancients (Flying Frog) US
Small Samurai Empires: Area Majority/Area Influence/Enclosure/Grid Movement/Modular Board (Archona) US
Tinderblox: Player Elimination/Stacking and Balancing (Alley Cat) US
Tungaru: Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/End Game Bonuses/Set Collection/Worker Placement with Dice Workers (Alley Cat) DT
U.S. Telegraph: Connections/Modular Board/Network and Route Building/Tile Placement (Super Meeple) US
Vampire The Masquerade Heritage: Legacy/Once-Per-Game Abilities (Nice) US & DT