Neuheiten 20.04.21

1066, Tears to Many Mothers – The Battle of Hastings: Card Game/Medieval/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Hall or Nothing) US
1565, St. Elmo’s Pay – The Great Siege of Malta: Card Game/Renaissance/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Hall or Nothing) US
ASL: From the Cellar Pack #9, The Fight for Seoul (Le Franc Tireur) US
Carentan, 10-13th June 1944:  The game Carentan, 10 – 13th June 1944 shows fierce fighting in Normandy between Germans and Americans in the „Great Battles of Small Units“ system (Stratagemata) US/PL
The Doomsday Project: Episode One – The Battle for Germany (Compass) US
La Bataille de Hanau:  The abortive attempt on 30 and 31 October 1813 by the Austro-Bavarians under de Wrede to prevent Napoleon’s escape from Germany after the defeat at Leipzig, by blocking him near Frankfurt. (Legion) US
No Motherland Without – North Korea in Crisis and Cold War:  A card-driven strategy game for two players. The game depicts the struggles of the Kim Regime from 1953 to present day North Korea against the West (Compass) US
Paper Wars Magazine #96: Rally ‚Round the Flag – Battles of Perryville and Stones River (Compass) US
Prairie Aflame!: An operational treatment of Canada’s Northwest Rebellion of 1885. The basic military unit in the game is the battalion. The map shows the area of the Prairies in Canada from Edmonton and Calgary in the west to QuíAppelle in the east. (Legion) US
Winziger Weltkrieg – Der Zweite Weltkrieg in 20 Minuten: Area Majority/Area Influence/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Kill Steal/Race/Solitaire Game/Take That/Tug of War (Schwerkraft) DT