Neuheiten 21.05.21

Miniaturen & Tabletop:

Campaigns #322: Caudine Forks 321 BC (Osprey) US

Campaigns #361: The Falklands Naval Campaign 1982 (Osprey) US
Combat #55: Roman Legionary vs Gallic Warrior (Osprey) US
Duels #110: Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #292: Italian Destroyers of World War II (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #293: Navy Gunboats 1885 – 1945 (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #294: Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944 (Osprey) US
Men at Arms #538: Napoleon’s Women Camp Followers (Osprey) US
Raid #54: Storm-333 (Osprey) US
Weapon #78: The Bayonet (Osprey) US

Neuheiten 20.04.21

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Battlegroup: Pacific War (Plastic Soldier) US
Red Alert: Quartermaster’s Escalation Pack (Plastic Soldier) US
Star Saga: The Terror in the Deep (Mantic) US
Tinker Turf: Industrial Starter Set – Standard Theme, Industrial Starter Set – Red Theme (Tinker Turf)

Neuheiten 10.03.21

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Battletech: Elemental Star, Clan Command Star, Inner Sphere Command Lance, Map Pack Battle for Tukayyid (Catalyst) US
Core Space: Shift Change at MegaCorp (Battle Systems) US
Warlock Tiles: Town & Village II, Town & Village II Expansion, Dungeon Tiles II, Dungeon Tiles II Expansion (Wizkids)

Neuheiten 12.12.20

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
BattleTech: Clan Invasion Box, Clan Command Strike, Inner Sphere Command Lance, Map Pack Battle for Tukayyid (Catalyst) US
Cyberpunk Red RPG Miniatures: Combat Zoners – Heavies, Edgerunners A – Solo, Tech, Netrunner, Edgerunners B – Tech, Nomad, Fixer, Lawmen – Command, Lawmen – Enforcers, Combat Zoners – Punks, Edgerunners D – Solo, Nomad, Media, Combat Zoners – Punks ()

Neuheiten 11.09.20

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Cthulhu Mythos Miniatures: All the Mythos creatures as beautifully sculpted minis suitable for either Cthulhu RPG or Cthulhu Wars boardgame (Petersen)
Warlock Tiles: Dungeon Core Set, Town and Village Set, Doors and Archways, Dungeon Dressings, Expansion Box 1, Stairs and Ladders, Summoning Circles, Warlock Clips (Wizkids)

Neuheiten 01.07.20

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Age of Sigmar: Lumineth Realm-Lords Launch Set (Games Workshop) US & DT
Air Campaigns #17: The Italian Blitz 1940-43 (Osprey) US
Battletech: Tech Manual Vintage Copver (Catalyst) US
Campaigns #350: Nierstein and Oppenheim 1945 (Osprey) US
Duels #102: P-40E Warhawk vs. A6M2 Zero-sen (Osprey) US
The Elder Scrolls – Call to Arms: Narrative Miniatures Game based on The Elder Scrolls video game franchise by Bethesda Game Studios (Modiphius) US
The Elder Scrolls – Call to Arms: Core Rules Set, Imperial Legion Faction Set, Stormcloak Faction Set, Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set, Double-Sided Battlemat, Markers and Tokens Upgrade Set, Treasure Chests Upgrade Set (Modiphius) US
Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Wave 11 (Wizkids)
Men-at-Arms #532: Japan’s Asian Allies 1941-45 (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #283: American Guided Missiles of World War II (Osprey) US
Weapons #48: The Medieval Longsword (Osprey) US

Neuheiten 26.05.20

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Campaigns #349: Warsaw 1920 (Osprey) US
Combat Aircraft # 132: F-102 Delta Dagger Units (Osprey) US
Combat #48: US Soldier vs. German Soldier (Osprey) US
Men-At-Arms #531: Dutch Waffen-SS Legion & Brigade 1941-44 (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #282: Combat Vehicles of Russia’s Special Forces (Osprey) US
Terrain Crate: Ruined Village, Abandoned Town, Dungeon Doors, Golden Hoard, Royal Vaut, Hero’s Fortune (Mantic)

Neuheiten 15.04.2020

Miniaturen & Tabletops:
Anatomy 101: The Battlecruiser Hood (Osprey) US
Anatomy 106: Battleship Dreadnought (Osprey) US
Core Space: Deluxe Rulebook & Starter Set (Battle Systems) US
Core Space Expansions: Cygnus Crew, Dice Booster, Galactic Corps, Get to the Shuttle, Poseidon Crew, Purge Outbreak, Purge Reinforcements, Shootout at Zeds, Skylark Crew, Yamato Crew (Battle Systems) US
Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Mysterious Stranger, T-51 Power Armor, Unusual Allies, Vault Personell (Modiphius) US
Flames of War: D-Day British (Battlefront) US
Flames of War – D-Day Briten: 6th Airborne Division Tokens, Airborne 75mm Light Troop Starter Force,(Battlefront) US
Prepainted 3D Terrain Sets – Hundreds of Pieces – Way Coool! City Block Core Set, Cyberpunk Core Set, Frontier Core Set,  Galactic Core Set, Gothic Core Set, Outlands Core Set, Shanty Town Core Set (Battle Systems)
Prepainted 3D Terrain Sets Accessories: Alien Infestation, Arrival Bay, Art Deco High Rise, Detention Cells, Diner/Casino, Engineering Sector, Fire Station, Gothic Ruins, Industrial Turbine, Medical Reseach Lab, Outlands Delta Garrison, Outlands Explorers Station, Particle Transmitter, Police Precinct, Sci-Fi Dimension Gate, Shipping Container, Urban Street Accessories I and II (Battle Systems)
Prepainted Gelände: Blood Crystals Red, Blood Pools, Blood River (GaleForce 9)

Neuheiten 12.03.20

Miniaturen & Tabletop:     
Air Campaigns #15: Battle of the Atlantic 1939-41 (Osprey) US
Anatomy #95: Tudor Warship Mary Rose (Osprey) US
Campaigns #346: Yalu River 1950-51 (Osprey) US
Combat #46: British Riflemen vs French Skirmisher (Osprey) US
Elite #231: Soviet Airborne Forces 1930-91 (Osprey) US
Elite #232: World War II US Fast Carrier Task Force Tactics (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #278: US Navy Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #279: American Privateers of the Revolutionary War (Osprey) US

Neuheiten 23.12.19

Miniaturen & Tabletop: 
Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Institute Synths, Institute Wave Cards, Ghouls, Vermin (Modiphius) US
Flames of War/Team Yankee: Kursk – Red Banner, D-Day Germans (Battlefront) US
New Vanguard #276: German Guided Missiles of World War II (Osprey) US
Ragnarok: The Vanir (Osprey) US