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2 Minute Dino Deal: Income/Market/Worker Placement (Petersen) US

Bristol 1350: Deduction/Dice Rolling/Different Dice Movement/Hidden Roles/Player Elimination/Semi-Cooperative Game (Facade) US
Bullet: Pattern Building/Push Your Luck/Real-Time/Variable Player Powers (Level 99) US
Buntes Burano: Neue Einheimische Mini Erweiterung (Board Game Circus) DT
Chartae: Modular Board/Pattern Building/Tile Plcement (Board Game Circus) Multilingual
Dive: Action Points/Programmed Movement/Push Your Luck/Race/Simultaneous Action Selection/Variable Player Powers (Pegasus) DT
Fired Up: Betting and Bluffing/Dice Rolling/Simultaneous Action Selection (Drawlab) US
Fired Up: Core Game, Agility Expansion, Monster Expansion (Drawlab) US
Four Gardens: Action Points/Hand Management/Set Collection (Korea Boardgames) US
Galaxy Hunters: Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (IDW) US
Galaxy Hunters: New Ways to Hunt (IDW) US
Ghost Adventure: Action/Dexterity (Pegasus) DT
A Gentle Rain: Puzzle/Solitaire Game/Tile Placement (Mondo) US
Horizon Zero Dawn – The Board Game: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management (Steamforged) US
Hunt the Ravager: Grid Movement/Memory/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver/Secret Unit Deployment (Kolossal) US
Keepers of the Questar: Grid Movement/Hidden Movement/Moving Multiple Units/Multiple Maps/Square Grid/Variable Set-up (Upper Deck) US
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition (IELLO) US
Lions of Lydia: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/End Game Bonuses/Variable Set-up/Worker Placement (Bellwether) US
Petrichor: Honeybee (Mighty Boards) US
Ruination: Action Queue/Dice Rolling/Die Icon Resolution/Drafting (Kolossal) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Hero Pack – Jargono Native (Flying Frog) US
Solar Storm: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Dranda) US
Stoner Parking Lot: Party Game/Set Collection (killjoy) US
Supercharged: Modular Board/Movement Points/Moving Multiple Units/Race (Dietz Foundation) US
Sweetlandia: Card Game/Auction/Bidding (Ultra PRO) US
Tekhenu – Obelisk of the Sun: Action Drafting/Income/Pattern Building/Variable Set-up (Board&Dice) US
Tentacle Town: City Building/Dice Rolling/Worker Placement (Monster Fight Club) US
Teotihuacan: Expansion Period (Board&Dice) US
Tiny Acrobats: Card Drafting/Pattern Building/Push Your Luck/Stacking and Balancing (Matagot) US
Umbra Via: Area Majority/Area Influence/Auction/Bidding/Tile Placement (Pandasaurus) US
Wildes Weltall: End Game Bonuses/Hand Management/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Variable Set-up (Board Game Circus) DT
Wildes Weltall: Aliens (Board Game Circus) DT
Wishland: End Game Bonuses/Income/Set Collection/Variable Set-up/Worker Placement (Lost Games) US
Zura: Hand Management/Memory/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers (Agie) US
Pen & Paper:
Against the Darkmaster: The Darkmaster, an immensely powerful being of pure Evil, threatens the world once again. The last hope of the Free Kins lies in a handful of heroes, who alone dare to defy Him. (Open Ended) US
Against the Darkmaster: Core Rules, GM Screen and Book (Open Ended) US
Animal Adventures: Enemies of Gullet Cove, Cats of Gullet Cove (Steamforged) US
Call of Cthulhu: Berlin – Welthauptstadt der Sünde, Rostocks Sieben, De Vermis Mysterii (Pegasus) DT
Shadowrun: Street Wyrd (Catalyst) US
Miniaturen & Tabletop:

Campaigns #322: Caudine Forks 321 BC (Osprey) US

Campaigns #361: The Falklands Naval Campaign 1982 (Osprey) US
Combat #55: Roman Legionary vs Gallic Warrior (Osprey) US
Duels #110: Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #292: Italian Destroyers of World War II (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #293: Navy Gunboats 1885 – 1945 (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #294: Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944 (Osprey) US
Men at Arms #538: Napoleon’s Women Camp Followers (Osprey) US
Raid #54: Storm-333 (Osprey) US
Weapon #78: The Bayonet (Osprey) US

The Battle of Armageddon: Deluxe Edition (Compass) US

Bayonets & Tomahawks: A 2-player strategic game focusing on the French & Indian War 1755-1760. Its fluid yet rich system ensures fun for players of all levels (GMT) US
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles (GMT) US
Dawn of Battle:  A hex-and-counter wargame allowing players to refight historical battles from roughly 1500 BCE to 1500 CE or 3000 years of combat. Players take the roles of the great commanders of history, including Xerxes, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Saladin, and William Wallace (Worthington) US
Deadly Woods – Battle of the Bulge:  Yet another Battle of the Bulge game? Why yes. But one with a different approach. Specifically, award-winning designer Ted S. Raicer has taken a modified version of the chit pull system pioneered in GMT’s The Dark Valley: The East Front 1941-45 and brought it west for an exciting new take on this classic wargame subject (Revolution) US
Deadly Woods – Battle of the Bulge: Boxed Version, Ziplock Version (Revolution) US
Modern War #53: Objective Kassel – 7 Days to the Rhine Vol. 4 (Decision) US
Napoleon’s Imperium 1789 – 1815: The game pitches eight Empire Nations of the Napoleonic Wars, divided into two Alliances in a fight to the death struggle for control of Napoleonic Europe (Compass) US
Strategy & Tactics #328: Vicksburg – The Assault on Stockade Redan, May 1863 (Decision) US
World at War #77: Winter War – Finland vs the Sovjet Union 1939 (Decision) US

Neuheiten 20.04.21

Bethel Woods: Cooperative Game/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers (Garphill) US
Circus: Card Game (Ediciones Primigenio) US/ES
Cóatl: Contracts/Hand Management/Pattern Building/Set Collection (Synapses) US/FR
Crazy Tower Construction/Sabotage: Hand Management/Team-Based Game (Synapses) US/FR
Dominant Species – Marine: Area Majority/Area Influence/Card Drafting/Grid Movement/Modular Board/Tile Placement/Variable Phase Order/Worker Placement (GMT) US
Ecos: New Horizon (AEG) US
Gloom of Kilforth: Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Role Playing/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers (Hall or Nothing) US
Goblin Teeth: Auction/Bidding/Chaining/Contracts/Delayed Purchase/Dice Rolling/Multiple-Lot Auction/Set Collection/Take That/Variable Set-up (Jellybean) US
Incubation: Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck/Set Collection (Synapses) US/FR
Jabberwocky: Area Majority/Area Influence/Tile Placement (Jellybean) US
MATCH 5: Dice Rolling/Paper-and-Pencil/Real-time/Speed Matching (Synapses) US
Overboss – A Boss Monster Adventure: Card Drafting/Pattern Building/Pieces as Map/Set Collection/Tile Placement (Brotherwise) US
Pizza: Move Through Deck/Rondel/Set Collection (Amuza) US
Reality Check – The Game of Privilege: Game of Life/Humor/Party Game (Elliot Trotter) US
Reality Check – The Game of Privilege: Core Game, Microagression Cards (Elliot Trotter) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Hero Pack Drifter, Hero Pack Prospector (Flying Frog) US
Shadows of Kilforth – A Fantasy Quest Game: Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Role Playing/Solitaire Game/Variable Player Powers (Hall or Nothing) US
Steampunk Rally: Fusion (Roxley) US
Suburbia Second Edition: Core Game, Expansions (Bézier) US
Vamp on the Batwalk: Hand Management/Trick-taking/Card Game (Jellyfish) US
Vamp on the Batwalk: Retail Edition, Kickstarter Edition (Jellyfish) US
War for Chicken Island: Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Dice Rolling/Enclosure/Modular Board/Take That (Draco) US
War for Chicken Island: Core Game, Kickstarter Exclusives, The Cackle of Cluckthulhu, The Island of Yolk-Sothoth (Draco) US
The Whatnot Cabinet: Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Tile Placement (Pencil First) US

1066, Tears to Many Mothers – The Battle of Hastings: Card Game/Medieval/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Hall or Nothing) US
1565, St. Elmo’s Pay – The Great Siege of Malta: Card Game/Renaissance/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Hall or Nothing) US
ASL: From the Cellar Pack #9, The Fight for Seoul (Le Franc Tireur) US
Carentan, 10-13th June 1944:  The game Carentan, 10 – 13th June 1944 shows fierce fighting in Normandy between Germans and Americans in the „Great Battles of Small Units“ system (Stratagemata) US/PL
The Doomsday Project: Episode One – The Battle for Germany (Compass) US
La Bataille de Hanau:  The abortive attempt on 30 and 31 October 1813 by the Austro-Bavarians under de Wrede to prevent Napoleon’s escape from Germany after the defeat at Leipzig, by blocking him near Frankfurt. (Legion) US
No Motherland Without – North Korea in Crisis and Cold War:  A card-driven strategy game for two players. The game depicts the struggles of the Kim Regime from 1953 to present day North Korea against the West (Compass) US
Paper Wars Magazine #96: Rally ‚Round the Flag – Battles of Perryville and Stones River (Compass) US
Prairie Aflame!: An operational treatment of Canada’s Northwest Rebellion of 1885. The basic military unit in the game is the battalion. The map shows the area of the Prairies in Canada from Edmonton and Calgary in the west to QuíAppelle in the east. (Legion) US
Winziger Weltkrieg – Der Zweite Weltkrieg in 20 Minuten: Area Majority/Area Influence/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Kill Steal/Race/Solitaire Game/Take That/Tug of War (Schwerkraft) DT

Neuheiten 25.03.21

7 Summits: Dice Rolling/Drafting/Push Your Luck (Deep Water) US
Aliens – The Board Game: Alien Queen, Alien Warriors, Sulaco Survivors, Heroes of Hadley Hope (Gale Force 9) US
Back to the Future – Back in Time: Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck/Variable Player Powers (Funko) US
The Binding of Isaac – Four Souls: Dice Rolling/Take That/Variable Player Powers (Studio 71) US
City of Angels: Action Points/Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Team-Based Game (Pegasus) DT
Die Crew: Mission Tiefsee (Kosmos) DT
Gascony’s Legacy: Area Majority/Area Influence/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver (Jasco) US
Gascony’s Legacy: Core Game, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask, 3D Terrain (Jasco) US
Hack & Slash: Fantasy/Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck (Steve Jackson) US
High Frontier 4 All: Auction/Bidding/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Network and Route Building/Pick-up and Deliver/Simulation/Variable Player Powers (Sierra Madre) US
High Frontier 4 All: Core Game, Module 1 – Terawatt & Futures, Module 2 – Colonization (Sierra Madre) US
Rajas of the Ganges: Goodie Box 2 (R&R) US
Räuber aus Skythien: Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Schwerkraft) DT
Riftforce: Area Movement/Card Drafting/Deck Construction/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Drafting/Hand Management/Race/Variable Player Powers/Variable Set-up (Asmodee) DT
Seeders from Sereis – Exodus: Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Wizkids) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Enemy Pack Bone Eaters, Enemy Pack Magma Fiends (Flying Frog) US
Sugar Heist: Set Collection/Trading/Candy Theme (Studio 71) US
Tapeworm: Pattern Building/Tile Placement/Abstract Strategy (Studio 71) US
The Umbrella Academy: Card Game/Cooperative Game/Variable Player Powers (Studio 71) US
Unmatched – Battle of Legends: Cobble and Fog (Restoration) US
Waddle: Pattern Building/Pattern Movement/Pattern Recognition (Wizkids) US
Pen & Paper:
5th Edition Fantasy: The Lost City of Gaxmoor (Troll Lord) US
Animal Adventures: Starter Set (Steamforged) US
Call of Cthulhu: Malleus Monstrorum Bestiary Two Slipcase (Chaosium) US
Capers: It’s the 1920s Prohibition era in the United States. Alcohol is illegal. Organized crime grows at an unprecedented rate as gangsters get rich selling hooch to a thirsty populace. Law enforcement struggles to keep up with an understaffed and underfunded Bureau of Prohibition. You are one of a handful of people who have been gifted with super-powers! (NerdBurger) US
Coriolis: The Last Cyclade (Free League) US
Delta Green: Kali Ghati, Black Sites (Arc Dream) US
Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures Icons of the Realms: Rime of the Frostmaiden Ten Towns Papercraft, Rime of the Frostmaiden The Lodge Papercraft (Wizkids)
Fate of the Norns Ragnarok: Creatures from Fairy-Tales and Myth, Lords of the Ash (Pendelhaven) US
Fractured Kingdom: The year is 2202; over sixty years have passed since the end of the Great War and the Purge that followed plunging the world into a modern dark age.  Since then man has struggled to rebuild, to find some fragment of stability they had before the generations lost to war. (House Dok) US
Magical Kitties Save the Day!: Alien Invasion, Wild Ones, Mars Colony (Atlas) US
Mörkborg: Cult Feretory (Free League) US
Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells:  A rules-light, sword & sorcery, old school role playing game inspired by the original fantasy RPG and the Old School Renaissance movement as well as the stories by such authors as Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, H.P. Lovecraft, Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock. (Gallant Knight) US
Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells:  A rules light, Star & Sorcery Role Playing Game with an Old School spirit. This is a complete Role Playing Game, inspired by the Old School Renaissance, the Pulp Literature and the many Science Fantasy stories brought to us by movies, comics and games. (Gallant Knight) US
Traveller: Shadows of Sindal (Mongoose) US

Neuheiten 10.03.21

18 Holes: Card Drafting/Hand Management/Modular Board (Seabrook) US
Adventure Tactics: Campaign or Battle Card Driven/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Grid Movement/Role Playing (Letiman) US
Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower, Hero Pack 1 (Letiman) US
Age of Steam: Japan/Tasmania/Venezuela Map Expansion, Tibet & Cyprus Map Expansion (AVStudio) US
Almanac – The Dragon Roads: Auction/Bidding/Pick-up and Deliver/Worker Placement (Kolossal) US/FR
Almanac – Merchant’s Manifest:  Auction/Bidding/Pick-up and Deliver/Worker Placement (Kolossal) US/FR
Auf einer Skala von Eins bis T-Rex: Humor/Party Game/Acting
(Exploding Kitten) DT
Bravo!: Dice Rolling/Roll-and-Write (Stronghold) US
Capital Lux 2: Pocket Edition, Generations (Aporta) US/FR
CardWeaver: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Interrupts/Market/Team-Based Game (ODAM) US
CardWeaver: Core Game, Character Pack 1, Character Pack 2 (ODAM) US
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects: Deluxe Edition (Mojito) US
Combo Fighter: Tag Team Pack, VS Pack 1, VS Pack 3 (Kolossal) US
Cross Clues: Deduction/Party Game/Cooperative Play (Blue Orange) DT
Cubitos: Deck, Bag, Pool Building, Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck (Alderac) US
Detective – City of Angels: Smoke and Mirrors (Van Ryder) US
Dice Throne Season 1 ReRolled: Barbarian vs. Moon Elf, Monk vs. Paladin, Treant vs. Ninja (Roxley) US
Doomtown Reloaded: Welcome to Deadwood (AEG) US
Dragon Boats of the Four Seas: Action Points/Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/Auction/Bidding/Set Collection (Maple) US
Dream Crush: Paper-and-Pencil/Role Playing (Mondo) US
Baron Voodoo: Abstract Strategy/Action Queue/Area Movement (Lucky Duck) US
Everdell: Card Drafting/End Game Bonuses/Hand Management/Income/Solitaire Game/Variable Setup/Worker Placement (Pegasus) DT
Everdell: Grundspiel, Pearlbrook Erweiterung (Pegasus) DT
Flip Over Frog: Animals/Area Majority/Area Influence (Hub) US
Florida Man: Trivia/Party Game (JJACKD) US
Fluxx: Marvel Fluxx, Fantasy Fluxx (Looney Labs) US
Footloose Party Game: Party Game/Push Your Luck (Funko) US
Funfair: Card Game/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Good Games) US
Groundhog Day – The Game: Movies/Cooperative Play (Funko) US
Iwari: Area Majority/Area Influence/Card Drafting/Hand Management/Network and Route Building (ThunderGryph) DT
Journey to the Center of the Earth: Bingo/Line Drawing/Paper-and-Pencil/Solitaire Game (Looping) US/ES
Kohaku: Animals/Drafting/Tile Placement (Gold Seal) US
The Magnificent: SNO (Aporta) US/FR
Mystery Detective: Vol.1 – Classic Cases (Add-A-Game) US
Mythologien der Welt: Card Game/Mythology/Simultaneous Action Selection (Studium Mundi) US/DT/FR
Nagaraja: Dice Rolling/Grid Movement/Hand Management/Modular Board/Network and Route Building/Sudden Death Ending/Tile Placement (Hurrican) DT/US/FR/NL
Not Alone: Sanctuary () US
Pan Am: Auction/Bidding/Constrained Bidding/Income/Network and Route Building/Stock Holding/Worker Placement (Funko) US
Pass the Pot: Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck (R&R) US/FR
Parks: Nightfall Expansion, Memories – Mountaineer (Keymaster) US
Pendulum: Action Timer/Simultaneous Action Selection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Stonemeier) US
Profiteers: Economic/Secret Unit Deployment/Stock Holding (Stronghold) US
Pulp Invasion: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck (AV Studio) US
Pulp Invasion: Base Game, X1 Expansion (AV Studio) US
Rajas of the Ganges: Goodie Box 1, The Dice Charmers (R&R) US/DT/FR/NL
Rallyman GT: Championship, World Tour, GT4, GT5, Dice Pack (Holy Grail) US
Recipe for Desaster: Card Game/Food (Self Published) US
Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Evil Pooky (Slugfest) US
Renature: Area Majority/Area Influence/Tile Placement (Capstone) US
Sea Change: Animals/Card Game/Trick-taking (Inside Up) US
The Shared Dream: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Modular Board (ODAM) US
The Shared Dream: Core Game, Covens Expansion (ODAM) US
Sherlock 13: Card Game/Deduction/Novel-based (Arcane Wonders) US
Sherlock Files: Vol. IV – Final Frontiers (IBC) US
Song Saga: Music/Party Game/Voting (Self-Published) US
Super Skill Pinball 4-Cade: b (Wizkids) US
Ten Suns: Auction/Bidding/Betting and Bluffing/Set Collection/Tile Placement (Medieval Lords) US
Too Many Poops: Hand Management/Set Collection/Take That (neat) US
TradeJack: b () US/DT/FR/LT/SL
Trans-Siberian Railroad 2nd Edition: Transportation/Network and Route Building/Stock Holding (Rio Grande) US
Tumble Town: Contracts/Dice Rolling/End Game Bonuses/Pattern Building/Solitaire Game/Variable Player Powers/Set Collection
(Weird Giraffe) US
Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf (Restoration) US
VS System: Marvel Crossover Vol. 3 (Upper Deck) US
War Chest: Siege (AEG) US
WolfWalkers – The Board Game: Cooperative Game/Grid Movement/Roll, Spin and Move (Value Add) US
Zoollywood: Bias/Catch the Leader/Chaining/Command Cards/Grid Movement/Hand Management/Race (Bluepiper) DT/US/FR/CH
Zoollywood: Core Game, Polar Quest, Miniatures Pack (Bluepiper) DT/US/FR/CH
Pen & Paper:
Alien – Das Rollenspiel: Grundwürfelset, Stresswürfelset (Ulysses)
Call  of Cthulhu: Weltengeheimnis (Pegasus) DT
Cyberpunk Red: Core Rulebook (Talsorian) US
Das Schwarze Auge: Die Nacht der Feuertaufe, Runen des Schicksals, Sammelbox Gestade des Gottwals – Limitiert, Das Wispernde Herz, Schuber Theaterritter-Kampagne bestückt, Jadegrün und Kobaltblau (Ulysses) DT
Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Empire of the East, Judges Screen Thick Edition (Goodman) US
Magical Kitties Save the Day: You are magical kitties. You have humans. The humans have problems. Use your magical powers to solve their problems and save the day! (Atlas) US
Magical Kitties Save the Day: Core Box, Character Sheets, Kitty Cards (Atlas) US
Metamorphosis Alpha: Collectors Edition (Goodman) US
Numenera: Edge of the Sun (Monte Cook) US
Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Einsteigerset (Ulysses) DT
Shadowrun: Arkane Kräfte (Pegasus) DT
Traveller: Drinaxian Companion, The Last Train Out of Rakken-Goll Adventure, Fire on the Sindalian Main Adventure (Mongoose) US
Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Battletech: Elemental Star, Clan Command Star, Inner Sphere Command Lance, Map Pack Battle for Tukayyid (Catalyst) US
Core Space: Shift Change at MegaCorp (Battle Systems) US
Warlock Tiles: Town & Village II, Town & Village II Expansion, Dungeon Tiles II, Dungeon Tiles II Expansion (Wizkids)
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader: Expansion #1 (DVG) US
Coalition – The Napoleonic Wars 1805 – 1815: A game about the Napoleonic Wars (1805-1815) for two to six players that can be completed in a single evening (Compass) US
Devil Boats – PT Boats in the Solomons:  A tactical-level solitaire tabletop wargame that allows players to command a squadron of US Navy PT boats, fighting Japanese naval forces in the Solomon Islands during the second half of 1943 (Compass) US
Fire in the Lake: Tru’ng Bot Update Pack (GMT) US
Hornet Leader: Expansion #1 (DVG) US
Israeli Air Force Leader: Expansion #1 (DVG) US
In Magnificent Style – Pickett’s Charge: A solitaire game depicting the final desperate Confederate attack on 3 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg, popularly known as Pickett’s Charge (Worthington) US
Modern War #52: World War Africa – The Congo 1998 – 2001 (Decision) US
Phantom Leader: Expansion #1 (DVG) US
Space Infantry: Federation (Lock’n’Load) US
Strategy & Tactics #327: Suwalki Gap – The Baltic 2023 (Decision) US
Tri-Game Update Kit: Update Kit for Imperial Struggle, Versailles, All Bridges Burning (GMT) US
World at War #74: Munich War – World War II in Europe 1938 (Decision) US

Neuheiten 22.01.21

Chocolate Factory: Action Points/Bias/Card Drafting/Contracts/End Game Bonuses/Pick-up and Deliver (Alley Cat) US
Cloud Control: Party Game/Pattern Building/Pattern Recognition (25th Century) US
Codenames: Marvel (USAopoly) US
Detective – City of Angels: Action Points/Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Team-Based Game (Van Ryder) US
Detective – City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood (Van Ryder) US
Dice Hospital: Community Care (Alley Cat) US
Dobble: Harry Potter (Asmodee) DT
Dominations: Hegemon (Holy Grail) US
Dream Runners: Grid Coverage/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Square Grid/Tile Placement (Ankama) US
ERA: Das Mittelalter Erweiterung (Pegasus) DT
Escape Dysturbia: Gefahr in den Docks (homunculus) DT
Florenza: Xth Anniversary Edition (Post Scriptum) US
Four Word Thinking: Simultaneous Action Selection/Tile Placement (Chronicle Books) US
Gloomhaven: Die Pranken des Löwen (Feuerland) DT
Homeworlds: Abstract Strategy/Modular Board/Player Elimination/Point to Point Movement (Looney Labs) US
Ice Duo: Dice Rolling/Pattern Building/Point to Point Movement/Push Your Luck/Set Collection/Three Dimensional Movement (Looney Labs) US
Imperial Settlers: Aufstieg eines Imperiums (Pegasus) DT
Markgrafen von Valeria: Area Movement/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Schwerkraft) DT
Martian Chess: Abstract Strategy/Grid Movement (Looney Labs) US
Mint Works: Card Drafting/Worker Placement (Five24 Labs) US
Mint Delivery: Action Points/Contracts/Increase Value of Unchosen Resources/Pick-up and Deliver/Point to Point Movement (Five24 Labs) US
Mint Cooperative: Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Five24 Labs) US
Mississippi Queen: Grid Movement/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver (Super Meeple) US
Monkey Business: Dice Rolling/Secret Identity/Party Game (Add a Game) US
Museum: The People’s Choice, The World Fair, The Archeologist, The Black Market (Holy Grail) US
Mystery Detective Vol. 2: Funny Death Real Life Cases (Add-A-Game) US
Nomids: Dice Rolling/Set Collection (Looney Labs) US
On the Origin of Species 2nd Edition: Hand Management/Tile Placement (Artana) US
Pan Am: Auction/Bidding/Constrained Bidding/Income/Network and Route Building (Funko) US
Poisons: Push Your Luck/Take That (Lumenaris) US
Secrets of the Lost Station: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Movement Points/Narrative Choice (Everything Epic) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Alternative Gender Heroes for Swamps of Death and City of Ancients (Flying Frog) US
Small Samurai Empires: Area Majority/Area Influence/Enclosure/Grid Movement/Modular Board (Archona) US
Tinderblox: Player Elimination/Stacking and Balancing (Alley Cat) US
Tungaru: Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/End Game Bonuses/Set Collection/Worker Placement with Dice Workers (Alley Cat) DT
U.S. Telegraph: Connections/Modular Board/Network and Route Building/Tile Placement (Super Meeple) US
Vampire The Masquerade Heritage: Legacy/Once-Per-Game Abilities (Nice) US & DT
Pen & Paper:
13th Age: Book of Ages, Book of Demons (Pelgrane) US
Business Wizards RPG: A roleplaying game in the Arcane World of Business (9th Level) US
FATE: Science Fiction Handbuch (Uhrwerk) DT
Metamorphosis Alpha: Doom in the Warden (Goodman) US
Chancellorsville 1863: Action/Event/Card Play Conflict Resolution/Command Cards/Dice Rolling/Grid Movement/Hand Management/Hidden Movement/Move Through Deck/Re-rolling and Locking/Simulation/Solitaire Game/Variable Set-up (Worthington) US
The Conquistadors – The Spanish Conquest of the Americas 1518-1548: In the half-century after Columbus, small bands of daring Spanish adventurers conquered Central and South America, destroying the huge armies of long-established native empires in the process. Some won great fortunes in gold, while many others only died an early death. These men were The Conquistadors. (Compass) US
Panzer Grenadier: Leyte 1944 (Avalanche Press) US
Quartermaster General: Total War (Ares) US
Second World War at Sea: The Cruel Sea, Islands (Avalanche Press) US
Shores of Tripoli: From the end of the American Revolution, commercial vessels of the young United States republic were easy prey for the pirates of the Barbary coast. In 1801, newly inaugurated President Thomas Jefferson was eager to put an end to this threat and sent a „squadron of observation“ to the Mediterranean. As the squadron arrived in Gibraltar, they learned that the bashaw of Tripoli had already declared WAR! (Fort Circle) US

Neuheiten 12.12.20

7 Wonders Duel: Agora (Repos) DT
Adventure Mart: Auction/Bidding/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Hub) US
Alice in Wordland: Real-Time, Variable Player Powers (Drawlab) US
Atheneum – Mystic Library: Card Drafting/Tile Placement (Renegade) US
Agents of Mayhem: Johnny Gat is Back, Civil Overwatch Patrol, Terrain Upgrade (Academy) US
Autumn Harvest – A Tea Dragon Society Game: Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Renegade) US
BattleCON: Wanderers of Indines (Level99) US
BattleCON Solo Fighters: Anath Adrasteia, Claus & Wyndhal, Eliza, Lucius, Evil Hikaru, Rheye Cal, Takeshi Kamikaze, Andrus Dochartaigh Cal, Dolores Malephaise Cal, Victor, Oriax Two Godhacker (Level99) US
Beyond the Sun: Action Drafting/Events/Tech Trees/Tech Tracks/Worker Placement (Rio Grande) US
Blank: Hand Management/Take That (Hub) US
Builders of Blankenburg: Fields & Flocks (Cobblestone) US
Burger Academy: Action Queue/Pattern Building/Pattern Recognition/Speed Matching (Ultra PRO) US
Camp Pinetop: Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/Card Drafting/Grid Movement/Hand Management (Talon Strikes) US
Chachapoya – A Yapalocte Expedition Stand Alone Game: Hand Management/Player Elimination/Set Collection (Vagabund) US
Chicken Heist: Hand Management/Player Elimination/Push Your Luck (Fourtato) US
Chiseled – A Deck Sculpting Game: Hand Management/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Copper Frog) US
City Explorer: Tainan, Kyoto (Moaideas) US/CH
Cosmic Cows: Dice Rolling/Roll or Spin and Move (Playroom) US
Crimson Company Collector’s Box: Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting (Crimson Company) US/DT
CuBirds: Hand Management/Set Collection (Ultra PRO) US
Dad Joke Face-Off 2nd Edition: Hand Management/Player Judge/Simultaneous Action Selection/Storytelling (Ultra PRO) US
Disney – The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits Game: Push Your Luck/Set Collection (Funko) US
Disney – Shadowed Kingdom: Cooperative Game/Memory (Mondo) US
East Indiaman: Area Majority/Set Collection/Worker Placement (David Wang) US/CH
Ecosystem: Environmental/Card Drafting (Genius) US
Efemeris: Area Majority/Area Influence/Hand Management/Tile Placement (DTDA) US
Escape Tales: Children of the Wyrmwood (Board&Dice) US
Flügelschlag: Ozeanien Erweiterung (Feuerland) DT
Fog of Love: Alternate Cover Options, It Will Never Last Expansion, Trouble with the In-Laws Expansion (Hush Hush) US
Forgotten Waters: Dice Rolling/Events/Narrative Choice/Paragraph/Campaign Game/Semi-Cooperative Game/Stat Check Resolution/Storytelling/Worker Placement (Plaid Hat) DT
Gnomopolis: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Matagot) US/NL/FR
Gods Love Dinosaurs: Drafting/Tile Placement (Pandasaurus) US
Godzilla Tokyo Clash Strategy Game: Hexagon Grid/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Funko) US
Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted (Pull the Pin) US
Holding on – The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr: Cooperative Game/Set Collection/Storytelling/Worker Placement (Hub) US
Holi – Festival of Colors: Area Majority/Area Influence/Hand Management/Pattern Building (Floodgate) US
Human Era: Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Simultaneous Action Selection/Team-Based Game/Traitor Game/Voting (Lay Waste) US
Die Insel der Katzen: Card Drafting/Grid Coverage/Hidden Victory Points/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Square Grid/Tile Placement (Lautapelit) DT
Jurassic Snack: Dinosaurs/Grid Movement (The Flying) US
Kampf gegen das Spießertum: Aluhut Erweiterung, Blanko Erweiterung (Kampfhummel) DT
King of Movies – The Leonard Maltin Game: Bluffing/Paper-and-Pencil/Storytelling/Voting (Mondo) US
Kingdom Rush – Rift in Time: Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Modular Board/Pattern Building/Tile Placement/Variable Player Powers (Lucky Duck) US
Kyoto: Environmental/Bribery/Hand Management/Negotiation (Deep Print) DT
Lords of Zanora: Hand Management/Set Collection (Vhallarion) US
Marvel United: Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Solitaire Game/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Cool Mini or Not) DT
Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power (Ravensburger) US
Meeple Land: Modular Board/Tile Placement (Blue Orange) DT
MegaCity – Oceania: Area Majority/Area Influence/Modular Board/Real-Time/Stacking and Balancing/Tile Placement (Hub) US
Monster Soup: Family Game/Memory/Sensory/Pattern Recognition (Matagot) US
Munchkin: Disney (USAopoly) US
Munchkin: Munchkins and Mazes (Steve Jackson Games) US
Munchkin Age of Sigmar: Guts and Gory (Steve Jackson Games) US
Nerd Words – Science!: Betting and Bluffing/Paper-and-Pencil/Push Your Luck/Team-Based Game (Genius) US
Nerd Words – Science!: Core Game, Advanced Biology, Space Science, Medical Science, Earth Science (Genius) US
Ozeane: Prehistoric/Evolution/Hand Management (Schwerkraft) DT
Parks: Sternstunden (Feuerland) DT
Pavlov’s Dogs: Animals/Memory (9th Level) US
Power Rangers – Heroes of the Grid: Rise of the Psycho Rangers Expansion, Villain Pack #2 – Machine Empire (Renegade) US
Prisma Arena: Action Queue/Area Movement/Grid Movement/Variable Player Powers (Hub) US
Rambo – The Boardgame: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Grid Movement/Scenario Game/Solitaire Game (Everything Epic) US
Rambo – The Boardgame: Core Game, First Blood (Everything Epic) US
Runir: Dice/Medieval/Die Icon Resolution (Gamia) US/Icelandic
Sagrada – The Great Facades: Life Expansion (Floodgate) US
Shadow Rivals: Area Majority/Area Influence/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Set Collection/Take That (Moaideas) US
Slip Strike: Action Queue/Hand Management/Programmed Movement/Simultaneous Action Selection/Take That (Junk Spirit) US
Slip Strike: Blue Edition, Orange Edition (Junk Spirit) US
Spyfest: Modular Board/Roles with Asymmetric Information/Storytelling/Team-Based Game/Track Movement (Cryptozoic) US

Star Wars Armada: Separatistenallianz Starter Set, Galaktische Republik Starterset, Aufwertungskarten Sammlung (Fantasy Flight) DT
Star Wars X-Wing: V-Flügler der Nimbus Klasse, Eta-2-Actis, Tri-Droidenjäger (Fantasy Flight) DT
Symphony No.9: Betting and Bluffing/Commodity Speculation/Set Collection (Moaideas) US/CH
Tawantinsuyu – The Inca Empire: Action Points/Area Majority/Area Influence/Card Drafting/Hand Management/Pattern Building/Rondel/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Variable Setup/Worker Placement (Board&Dice) US
Towers of Am’harb: Area Majority/Area Influence/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Tile Placement/Variable Player Powers (Moaideas) US
Treasure Island: Captain Silver – Revenge Island (Matagot) US
Twilight Imperium 4. Edition: Prophezeihung der Könige (Fantasy Flight) DT
Unlock!: Star Wars (Asmodee) DT
Untold – Adventures Await: Dice Rolling/Role Playing/Storytelling (Hub) US
Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead (Cool Mini or Not) DT
Pen & Paper:
5th Edition Adventures: Beneath the Stone (Troll Lord) US
Agon RPG:  Far back in the mists of antiquity, a poet sings of great deeds wrought by mighty heroes—of monsters slain and justice restored, of wise council and devious strategies, of courage, valor, and daring—defiant of the gods themselves. (Evil Hat) US

Arcana of the Ancients: Beasts of Flesh and Steel (Monte Cook) US
Black Void: Dark Dealings in the Shaded Souq (Modiphius) US

Broken Rooms: Travel the 13 worlds of the Nearside through broken rooms. Discover its secrets and tap into its powers. But power has a price. (Greymalkin Designs) US
Call of Cthulhu: Das grausame Reich Tsan Chan, Das Weinen der Frauen, Umringt von Freunden (Pegasus) DT
The Cthulhu Hack:  It’s a standalone game of investigation horror, pitting ordinary people against the sanity-shattering horrors of Lovecraftian gods and monsters. (Just Crunch) US
The Cthulhu Hack: Core Rulebook, From Unformed Realms, Haunter of the Dark, The Dark Brood, Three Faces of the Wendigo, Valkyrie Nine, Mother’s Love (Just Crunch) US
Cypher System: Godforsaken RPG (Monte Cook) US
Heart – The City Beneath: A tabletop roleplaying game about delving into a nightmare undercity that will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – or kill you in the process. (Rowan, Rook & Decard) US
Heart – The City Beneath: Core Rulebook, Vermissian Black Ops, Doors to Elsewhere, Burnt and Broken (Rowan, Rook & Decard) US
The Heroes Journey: Hero Compendium (Gallant Knight) US
Infinity RPG: Character Sheet Pad, NPC Sheet Pad (Modiphius) US
Liminal: Pax Londinium (Modiphius) US
Nibiru RPG: Adventure Family Matters, Adventure Foundations, Map of Ashur & Antumbra, Map of Nataku & Umbra, Map of Suruptu & Penumbra (Araukana) US
Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Bestiary 2 Battle Cards (Paizo) US
Scorpions of Perdition 5E/Starfinder:  A strange craft fallen from the stars, long the home of a tribe of monstrous mutants worshiping the long-forgotten technology in its ruined bowels, has birthed a new and fearsome scourge. (Legendary) US
Shadowrun: Netzgewitter, Phantome (Pegasus) DT
Shadowrun: High Rollers (Catalyst) US
Sins of the Father: Companion (Third Eye) US
Spiele Comic: Mystery (Pegasus) DT
Stargates 5E/Starfinder: Stargates opens up a vast universe of possibility for creating and designing your own system of gateways to bring interplanetary adventure to your campaign. (Legendary) US
Symbaroum: Yndaros – The Darkest Star (Free League) US
Miniaturen & Tabletop:
BattleTech: Clan Invasion Box, Clan Command Strike, Inner Sphere Command Lance, Map Pack Battle for Tukayyid (Catalyst) US

Cyberpunk Red RPG Miniatures: Combat Zoners – Heavies, Edgerunners A – Solo, Tech, Netrunner, Edgerunners B – Tech, Nomad, Fixer, Lawmen – Command, Lawmen – Enforcers, Combat Zoners – Punks, Edgerunners D – Solo, Nomad, Media, Combat Zoners – Punks (Monster Fight  Club)


ASL: Best of Friends 2, Action Pack #15 – Swedish Volunteers, Roma 2020 (MMP) US
Chancellorsville 1863: A card-driven game on the American Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville. (Worthington) US

D-Day Quad Deluxe: The D-Day Quad uses the Fire & Movement system, designed to highlight the ability of motorized units to mass quickly for breakthrough and exploitation.  Winning the battle is a matter of maneuver, firepower, and asset management. (Decision) US
Heroes of Stalingrad: The Eastern Front, October 1942 — Whilst the German armies have put their boot down and established firm control of the Western front, their counterparts on the Eastern front are kept very busy in the USSR. (Devil Pig) US/FR
Hungarian Rhapsody: Hungarian Rhapsody depicts the Soviet drive into Hungary which led the Red Army into the Vienna basin. Rumania’s defection in August 1944 allowed the Soviets to outflank well defended Axis positions in the Carpathian Mountains through the South. (MMP) US
Iron Curtain – Central Europe 1945-1989: The 23rd game in the Standard Combat Series (SCS) covers the potential „hot“ war erupting between the East and the West at the flashpoint along the intra-German border established at the close of World War II. (MMP) US
Lock & Load Module Rules & Scenario Books: Stalin’s Triumph, Desert Heat, Storming the Gap, Heroes of the Motherland, White Star Rising, Heroes of the Falklands, Heroes of Normandy, Heroes of the Nam, Heroes in Defiance, Day of Heroes, Heroes of North Africa, Heroes of the Pacific, Heroes Against the Red Star (Lock and Load) US
A Splendid Little War – The 1898 Santiago Campaign: The game deals with all aspects of the Santiago Cuba Campaign of 1898 and covers the entire campaign and includes the Rough Riders, Cuban (and Spanish) Guerillas, Gatling Guns, the US Observation Balloon, Engineers, and just about everything in between. (Legion) US
War Diary Magazine: Issues 1 – 14 (Lock and Load) US
World at War #75: Centrifugal Offensive – The Japanese Campaign in the Pacific 1941-42 (Decision) US

Neuheiten 20.11.20

4 Data Brokers: Auction/Bidding/Card Play Conflict Resolution (GDM) US
Aliens – Bug Hunt: Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling (Upper Deck) US
Alma Mater: Drafting/End Game Bonuses/Hand Management/Tile Placement/Worker Placement (Eggert) DT
Armata Strigori: Resurrection Erweiterung (Pegasus) DT
Back to the Future – Back in Time: Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Funko) US
Beez: Grid Movement/Modular Board/Pattern Building (Next Move) DT
Covil – Dark Overlords: Chaotic Evil! (Vesuvius) US
Chronicles of Crime: 1400 (Lucky Duck) US
Cindr: Push Your Luck/Re-rolling and Locking (Smirk & Laughter) US
Dwar7s: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Modular Board/Network and Route Building/Take That/Worker Placement (Vesuvius) US
Dwar7s: Spring, Spring – Elven Uprising Exp., Winter – Legendary Exp., Fall – Troll Bridge Exp. (Vesuvius) US
Dwarf: Solitaire Game/Variable Setup/Worker Placement (Dragon Dawn) US & DT
Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted (Pull the Pin) US
Grab‘ Dich Frei!: Action Points/Area Movement/Dice Rolling/Memory (Bannan) DT
Gray Eminence: Action Queue/Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting/Hand Management/Campaign Game/Trading/Voting (Dragon Dawn) US
Instacrime: 1 – Munford, 2 – Casino (GDM) US
Jaipur: Card Drafting/Hand Management/Score-and-Reset/Set Collection (Asmodee) DT
Der Kartograph: Neue Entdeckungen (Pegasus) DT
La Resistance: Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck/World War II (Flying Pig) US
Lift Off! Get Off This Planet!: Expanded Deluxe Edition (Pencil First) US
Marvel Legendary: Into the Cosmos, Realm of Kings (Upper Deck) US
MicroMacro – Crime City: Cooperative Game/Deduction/Follow/Kill Steal/Campaign Game/Solitaire Game/Storytelling/Team-Based Game (Edition Spielwiese) DT
Monolith Arena: Academics (Portal) US/PL
New York Zoo: Automatic Resource Growth/Grid Coverage/Modular Board/Tile Placement (Capstone) US
Nidavellir: Card Drafting/Chaining/Simultaneous Action Selection/Turn Order – Auction (Pegasus) DT
Pacific Rails Inc.: Connections/Grid Movement/Network and Route Building/Worker Placement (Vesuvius) US
Paleo: Prehistoric/Cooperative Game (Hans in Glück) DT
Pendulum: Action Timer/Simultaneous Action Selection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement/Different Worker Types (Feuerland) DT
Perdition’s Mouth – Abyssal Rift: Wound Deck, Scenario Pack, Cannibal’s Howl, Trait Deck, Traitor Guard, Victim #1, Hanging Victim #3 (Dragon Dawn) DT & US
Rare Roses: Economics/Set Collection (Cravon) US
Red Flags: The Con Deck (Skybound) US
Red Outpost: Farming/Science Fiction/Worker Placement (Imperial) US
Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest (Portal) US
Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars (Pegasus) DT
Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman: Impulse Movement/Matching/Pattern Recognition/Real-Time/Speed Matching (Dolphin Hat) US
Sherlock: Propagation, Don’s Legacy, 13 Hostages (GDM) US
Siderische Konfluenz: Auction/Bidding/Negotiation/Trading/Variable Player Powers (Frosted) DT
Social Train: Trains/Area Majority/Area Influence/Take That (GDM) US
Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes Standalone Expansion (Letiman) US
Superfight: The Con Deck (Skybound) US
Take the Gold: Bluffing/Pirates/Memory/Take That (CardLords) US
Tapestry: Plans & Ploys (Stonemeier) US/DT/FR/ES/JP
Underwater Cities: Neue Entdeckungen (Delicious) DT
Whistle Mountain: Tile Placement/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Bezier) US
Yohei: Dice Rolling/Grid Movement/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (First Editions) US/ES
All Bridges Burning – Red Revolt and White Guard in Finland, 1917-1918: The year is 1917. Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II has abdicated and Russia slides toward an ever deepening internal crisis. On the western edge of the vast Russian Empire, the uncertainty in Russia is giving rise to a power vacuum in the semi-autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland. (GMT) US
By Stealth and Sea: A tactical solitaire or cooperative game that takes place during the Battle of the Mediterranean in World War II (DVG) US
By Stealth and Sea: Core Game, Companion Book (DVG) US
Flying Colors: Third Deluxe Edition (GMT) US
Lucky Forward – Patton’s Third Army in Lorraine: This GOSS series game presents Third Army’s Fall 1944 offensive to just before the Germans launch their Ardennes Offensive further north. (Decision) US
Modern War #50: Putin moves East (Decision) US
Strategy & Tactics #325: Italian-Ottoman War 1911-1912 (Decision) US
This War without an Enemy: The game centres on the First English Civil War, when the Royalist forces fighting for King Charles I were opposed by the English Parliamentarian troops and their Scottish allies, the Covenanters, in a struggle for political, economic and religious control of England. (NUTS) US
Warfighter WWII: Exp.#46 – Marquis (DVG) US

Neuheiten 05.11.20

Animalchemists: Hand Management/Pattern Building/Set Collection (CardLords) US
Are You Patient Zero?: Acting/Role Playing/Voting (Twilight Creations) US
Aunt Agatha’s Attic: Card Game/Negotiation (Chronicle Books) US
Aztec: Bluffing/Mexico (Matagot) US
Bali: Temple of Shiva, Village of Tani (White Goblin) US/DT/FR/NL
Battlegoats Reinforced: Card Drafting/Memory/Player Elimination/Secret Unit Deployment/Variable Player Powers (CardLords) US
Decktective: The Gaze of the Ghost (dV Giochi) US
Dune: Deutsche Version (GaleForce 9) DT
Dungeon Academy: Desert of Illusions, EXPANSION 3 (Matagot) US/FR/NL
Exchange: Commodity Speculation/Simultaneous Action Selection/Stock Holding/Voting (Games by Bicycle) US
Fallen Treasures: Card Game/Push Your Luck/Trick-taking (CardLords) US
Fuji Koro: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Push Your Luck/Tile Placement (Game Brewer) US/DT/FR/NL
Fuji Koro: Playmat (Game Brewer) US/DT/FR/NL
Glyph Chess: Dice Rolling/Grid Movement (Bluepiper) US
Gugong: Hand Management/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Game Brewer) DT
Gugong: Panjun (Game Brewer) US/DT/FR/NL
Hacienda Second Edition: Card Drafting/Enclosure/Network and Route Building/Tile Placement (White Goblin) US
Imaginarium: Steampunk/Worker Placement (Bombyx) US
Influentia: Card Game/Set Collection/Trick-taking (Ludonova) US
Ka Pai: Dice Rolling/Paper-and-Pencil/Set Collection (White Goblin) US
Ka Pai: Extra Blocks Level 1, 2 & 3 (White Goblin) US
Lyttle Wood: Hand Management/Set Collection (White Goblin) US
Mark Lawrence’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Player Elimination (Gallant Knight) US
Paris: City Building/Post-Napoleonic/Tile Placement (Game Brewer) US,DT
Peguinramids: Card Game/Animals/Egypt (dV Giochi) US
The Pirate’s Flag: Dice Rolling/Pick-up and Deliver/Point to Point Movement/Roll-Spin and Move/Take That (CardLords) US
Polynesia: Nautical/Network and Route Building (Ludonova) US/ES
Polynesia: Map Expansion (Ludonova) US/ES
The Quick and the Undead: Area Majority/Area Influence/Push Your Luck/Secret Unit Deployment/Simultaneous Action Selection/Solitaire Game/Take That/Worker Placement (Inside Up) US
Raid on Mt. Murhata: Area Movement/Simultaneous Action Selection (Twilight Creations) US
Rossio: Area Majority/Area Influence/Hand Management/Modular Board/Pattern Building/Tile Placement (Pythagoras) US/ES/PT
Say What Again!: Card Game/Educational/Party Game (Twilight Creations) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death Remastered, City of Ancients Remastered (Flying Frog
Shake Up: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Simulation/Take That (Medieval Lords) US
Spirit Island: Jagged Earth (Greater Than Games) US
The Stygian Society: Cooperative Game/Memory/Time Track/Variable Player Powers (APE) US
The Stygian Society: Core Game, The Cursed Library, The Tower Laboratory (APE) US
Takenoko: Chibis Giant Edition (Matagot) US
Totemic: Card Drafting/Card Play Conflict Resolution/Hand Management/Memory/Variable Player Powers/Variable Setup (Kolossal) US
Totemic: Feather and Fang Expansion (Kolossal) US
Tramways: Tile Expansion Pack, The Leisure Expansion (Alban Viard) US
Warhammer 40K Heroes of Black Reach: Wargame/Action Queue/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Devil Pig) US
Warhammer 40K Heroes of Black Reach: Core Game, Vanguard Squad – Orc Freebooterz, Zoggrim the Kharnager, Ork Reinforcements, Drop Zone Issue 1 (Devil Pig) US
ZOMBIES!!!: Exp. #14 – Space Bites, Vegas Expansion (Twilight Creations) US
Pen & Paper:
5th Edition Adventures: Stains Upon the Green (Troll Lord) US
13th Age: Book of the Underworld (Pelgrane Press) US
Call of Cthulhu: Mansions of Madness Vol. 1 Behind Closed Doors (Chaosium) US
Dungeon Crawl Classics: Softcover Beastmen Edition, Horror #6 – The Web of All-Torment (Goodman Games) US
The Hero’s Journey: A fantasy roleplaying game that blends classic tradition and modern game design to bring you an experience where players take up the mantle of heroes in a world of danger and magic inspired by classic fairy stories and timeless fantasy literature. (Gallant Knight) US
Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition: As members of the elite Heightened Crime Investigation Unit, you and your fellow detectives solve crimes involving the city’s mutant community. (Pelgrane Press) US
Rise of the Drow: Tonight, a ceremony of light is taking place on the surface. Meanwhile, a world away in the city of spiders, a drow matron solidifies a pact with soul-consuming entities who require great sacrifices in trade for unimaginable power. Drow eyes turn to the surface. (AAW) US
Rocket Rangers Handbook: Heads up Rangers! Don’t leave Earth without this book to guide you. Many of you don’t look past the Oath, but pay attention to the operational schedule for a listing of all current Ranger stations and missions. Classic and 5E Edition (Why Not) US
Worlds of Legacy: Free from the Yoke (UFO) US
Ariete – The Battle of Bir el Gubi, Lybia November 1941: The 17th game in the Tactical Combat Series covers the Italian Ariete Division’s Defense of Bir el Gubi, Lybia on November 19, 1941. (MMP) US
Dawn’s Early Light – The War of 1812: A two-player card-driven grand strategy game: a quick-playing, high-level abstract recreation of the entire conflict encompassing the territorial, naval, political, and economic competition between the two sides – United States or Great Britain. (Compass) US
Last Stand – The Battle for Moscow 1941-42: In October 1941, the German Army launched Operation Typhoon – the last major German offensive of the year. This started the winter offensive in the attempt to capture Moscow. (MMP) US
Rostov ’41 – Race to the Don: The 21st game of the Standard Combat Series covers the bold -some would say “foolhardy”- dash by Army Group South to take Rostov in the late fall of 1941. (MMP) US

Neuheiten 27.10.20

Above: Abstract Strategy/Action Queue (Don’t Panic!) US
Aeon’s End: Outcasts, Southern Village, Return to Gravehold (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Arkham Horror: Dunkle Fluten (Fantasy Flight Games) DT
Arkham Horror LCG: Barkhm Horror – Die Verstrickung des Miaulathotep (Fantasy Flight Games) DT
ARTBOX: Dice Rolling/Line Drawing/Paper-and-Pencil (CrowD) US
Black Rose Wars: Action Queue/Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Dice, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Ares) US
Black Rose Wars: Core Game, Summonings Undead, Hidden Thorns, Summonings Constructs, Summonings Demons (Ares) US
Blue Skies: Area Majority/area Influence/Hand Management (Rio Grande) US
Bonfire: Market/Point to Point Movement/Set Collector/Tile Placement (Hall Games) DT
Celestia: A Little Help Expansion, A Little Initiative Expansion (Quick Simple Fun) US
Chakra: Abstract Strategy/Set Collection (Quick Simple Fun) US/FR
Cowboy Bebop – Space Serenade: Anime/Card Game/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Don’t Panic) US
Deep State: Global Conspiracy (CrowD) US
Detective: Season One (Portal) US
Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared (Ravensburger) US
Dixit: Mirrors Erweiterung (Libellud) DT
Doctor Who – Time of the Daleks: Third Doctor & Thirteenth Doctor, River Amy Clara & Rory, Mickey Rose Martha & Donna (GaleForce9) US
Enigma – Beyond Code: Hidden Roles/Memory/Roles with Asymmetric Information/Scenario/Mission/Campaign Game/Score-and-Reset Game/Time Track (CrowD) US
Epic Spell Wars V: Hijinx at Hell High (Cryptozoic) US
Exploding Kittens: Party Pack, Streaking Kittens (Exploding Kittens) US
Fort: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Follow/Hand Management (Leder) US
The Game: Quick & Easy (Pandasaurus) US
Ganesha: Abstract Strategy/Drafting/Set Collection (CrowD) US/RU
Guild Master: Action Queue/Auction/Bluffing/Bribery/Command Cards/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Dice Rolling/End Game Bonuses/Hand Management/Income/Market/Negotiation/Simultaneoous Action Selection/Take That/Variable Player Powers (Good Games) US
Hello Neighbor – Secret Neighbor Party Game: Deduction/Hidden Roles/Negotiation/Trading/Traitor Game/Voting (Arcane Wonders) US
Hero Realms: The Lost Village Campaign Deck, Journeys Packs – Travellers, Hunters, Discovery, Conquest, Adventure Storage Box (White Wizard) US
Horrified: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Pick-up and Deliver/Point to Point Movement/Solitaire Game/Variable Setup (Ravensburger) US
Inca Empire – The Card Game: Card Drafting/Events/Hand Management/Hidden Victory Points (DPH) US
Irish Gauge: Auction/Bidding/Network and Route Building/Stock Holding (Capstone) US
Jurassic Parts: Area Majority/Area Influence/Enclosure/Set Collection (25th Century) US
Kodama Forest: Abstract Strategy/Tile Placement (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Kräutergarten: Push Your Luck/Set Collection (Quality Beast) DT
Legendary 007: James Bond Expansion (Upper Deck) US
LumberJerks: Dice Rolling/Take That (Howling Hog) US
Magic Money: Auction/Bidding/Set Collection (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Meeple Towers: Abstract Strategy/Stacking and Balancing (WizKids) US
Mysterium Park: Communication Limits/Cooperative Game/Storytelling/Pattern Recognition (Libellud) DT
Munchkin: Black Friday Pack (Steve Jackson Games) US
Nemesis: Limited restock finally arrived! (Awakened Realms) DT
Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Troglodytes (Portal) US
Ohanami: Card Drafting/Pattern Building/Set Collection (Pandasaurus) US
Out Style: Betting and Bluffing/Hand Management/Push Your Luck (Medieval Lords) US
Over Under Ostrich: Card Game/Physical Removal (Dolphin Hat) US
Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 (Asmodee) DT
Pandoria Merchants: Area Majority/Area Influence/Dice Rolling/Enclosure/Worker Placement (Irongames) DT
Paranormal Detectives: Acting/Hand Management/Line Drawing/Pattern Recognition/Variable Player Powers (Asmodee) DT
Quest for El Dorado: The Golden Temples (Ravensburger) US
Red Flags: The Date Deck, The Festive Deck (Skybound) US
Robotech: Invid Invasion (SolarFlare) US
Rome & Roll: Dice Rolling/Line Drawing/Paper-and-Pencil/Variable Player Powers (PSC) US
Rosetta – The Lost Language: Puzzle/Deduction/Cooperative Game/Pattern Recognition (Story Machine) US
Rush & Bash: Winter is Coming Expansion (Quick Simple Fun) US
Scape Goat: Card Game/Deduction/Hand Management (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Sherlock Files: Curious Capers (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Silver Dagger: Card Game/hand Management/Set Collection (Bézier) US
Sonora: Action Points/Flicking/Paper-and-Pencil/Set Collection (Pandasaurus) US
Sorcerer City: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Real-Time/Tile Placement (Druid City) US
Squirrelin‘ Around: Animals/Pattern Building/Set Collection (Quick Simple Fun) DT/US/FR/ES
SUPERFIGHT: The Horror Deck, The Naughty & Nice Deck, The Dystopia Deck, The History Deck (Skybound) US
Tammany Hall: Area Majority/Area Influence/Auction/Bidding/Catch the Leader/Variable Player Powers (Pandasaurus) US
Teotihuacan: Shadow of Xitle (Board&Dice) US
Thrive: Abstract Strategy/Grid Movement (Adam’s Apple) US
Thrive: Pond Life (Adam’s Apple) US
T.I.M.E Stories Revolution: Ein Sommernachtstraum (Space Cowboys) DT
Veggie Garden: Harvest Festival Expansion (Quick Simple Fun) US
Village Green: Hand Management/Matching/Solitaire Game/Square Grid/Variable Setup (Osprey) US
Windmill – Cozy Stories: Card Game/Storytelling/Targeted Clues (CrowD) US
Pen & Paper:
13th Age: Book of the Underworld (Pelgrane Press) US
Cthulhu: Expeditionen,  Grenzland (Pegasus) DT
Cyberpunk Red RPG: Revamp of the old Cyberpunk 2020 not only just in time for the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 console and computer game but also with the author of the original 2020 and in cooperation with CD Project Red, the developer of 2077. (Talsorian) US
Cyberpunk Red RPG: Jumpstart Kit (Talsorian) US
Cypher System: We are all made here (Monte Cook) US
Legacy RPG Supplements: The Engine of Life, End Game (UFO
Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition: As members of the elite Heightened Crime Investigation Unit, you and your fellow detectives solve crimes involving the city’s mutant community. When a mutant power is used to kill, you catch the case. When it’s a mutant victim in the chalk outline, you get the call. And when it comes time for a fight, you deploy your own extraordinary abilities to even the odds. (Pelgrane Press) US
Numenera: Character & Creature Standups (Monte Cook) US
Pathfinder: Flip-Tiles Fire Caves, Agents of Egewatch 3 – All or Nothing, Flip-Mat Classics Falls and Rapids, Advanced Players Guide, Character Sheet Pack, Extinction Curse Pawn Collection (Paizo) US
Shadowrun: Hinter dem Vorhang, Schlagschatten (Pegasus) DT
Spiele-Comic Noir: Magica Tenebrae (Pegasus) DT
Spectacular Settlements: Easy-to-use settlement builder chapters, interesting NPCs, and a wide variety of other useful tables. For GMs in a hurry, 64 fully-realized pre-generated settlements, each with their own unique artwork and full color map, are ready to be slotted in to any game world in seconds. (Nord Games) US
Starfinder: Devastation Ark 2 – The Starstone Blockade, Flip-Mat Giant Starship
Treacherous Traps: An incredible resource for game masters looking to get more out of their dungeon design. (Nord Games) US
Treacherous Traps: Book, Trap Deck CR 1-4, CR 5-8, CR 9-12, CR 13-16, CR 17-20, Trap Generator Deck (Nord Games) US
Ultimate Bestiary – The Dreaded Accursed: A variety of the classic undead and cursed creatures, including ghosts, ghouls, liches, lycanthropes and vampires, fleshing out their origins, habits and habitats, and introducing a wealth of stat blocks to challenge your players from level one to the end of their adventuring careers. (Nord Games) US
Ultimate Bestiary – The Dreaded Accursed: Book, Reference Deck 1, Reference Deck 2 (Nord Games) US
World of Revilo: Change the fate of Revilo today! (Creature Creation) US
World of Revilo: Campaign Setting 5E, Bestiary Boheums Guide to Monsters 5E, Bestiary Deck of Monsters 1 & 2 5E, Bestiary Pawns Box 1 & 2 5E  (Creature Creation) US
Worlds of Legacy: Free from the Yoke (UFO) US
Zorro RPG: All the tools and information you need to experience the swashbuckling, dramatic, and cinematic action of the legends and stories of Zorro! (Gallant Knight) US
2GM: Pacific (Draco) US
Battle of Raclawice 1794: 2nd Edition (Stratagemata) US
Command & Colors Tricorne – Jacobite Rising: In a battle scenario, two players will command either the Jacobite forces or the units of the Government army. There are 13 battle scenarios in the game. A scenario’s battle notes state which player takes the first turn and players will alternate taking turns thereafter until one player reaches the number of Victory Banners indicated in the scenario’s victory conditions. (Compass) US
Operation Ichi-Go – Japan’s Massive 1944 Offensive Across China: In mid-1944, despite their rapidly deteriorating position, the Japanese launched a massive offensive in China. This was the largest ground offensive in Japanese history, with 500,000 troops, 800 tanks and massive logistics and artillery support. (Against the Odds) US
Red Poppies Campaigns Volume 3 – Assault Artillery La Malmaison: The Battle of La Malmaison, 23-27 October 1917, in which the French employed their Artillerie Spéciale (tank force) and creeping barrage to capture Pinon, Vaudesson, and the coveted Chemin des Dames ridge. The French victory confirmed their recovery from the mutinies spawned by the disastrous Nivelle Offensive fought over some of the same ground six months earlier. (Compass) US
Traders of the Air: 2 to 4 leaders of a steampunk trading guild visit cities to acquire goods and to place influence markers. (Compass) US
YAAH! #14: Rattenkrieg (Flying Pig) US