Neuheiten 01.02.2019

1st & Roll: American Football/Dice Rolling (R&R) DT/US/FR/NL
7 for the Queen: Hand Management/Set Collection (dV Giochi) US/IT
CamelUp: neue, second Edition (Pegasus) DT
Die Rote Kralle: Card Game/Hand Management/Spy Theme (Corax) DT/US
Doppelt so Clever: Role&write (Schmidt) DT
Galactic Warlords – Battle for Dominion: Area Control/Area Influence/Card Drafting/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Archona) US
Gloomhaven: -restock- (Cephalofair Games) US
Mucho Macho: Simultaneous Action Selection/Trick-taking (dV Giochi) US/IT
Small Star Empires: Area Control/Area Influence/Area Enclosure/Grid Movement/Modular Board (Archona) US
Small Star Empires Expansions: The Galactic Divide, Dawn of Discoveries (Archona) US
The Table is Lava: Auction/Dexterity (R&R) DT/US/FR/NL
The Table is Lava: Coconuts Edition Expansion (R&R) DT/US/FR/NL
Terminator Genesys – Rise of the Resistance: Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Grid Movement/Modular Board/Tile Placement (River Horse) US
Tudor: Workerplacement/Set Collection (Corax Games) DT
Vault of Dragons: Action Point Allowance System/Area Control/Area Influence/Auction/Bidding/Dice Rolling (GaleForce9) US

Pen & Paper:
5th Edition Adventures: C3 – Upon the Powder River (Troll Lord) US
Call of Cthulhu: Starter Box Set (Chaosium) US
Carnevale: 2-Player Starter Box (TTCombat) US
Through the Breach: Penny Dreadfull Sedition (Wyrd) US

Miniaturen & Tabletops:
Damaged Magazine Issue #05: Batmobile (AK Interactive) US
Frostgrave: Soldiers II (North Star)
Malifaux – The Newborn: Bultungin (Wyrd)
Malifaux- The Outcasts: Prospector (Wyrd)
Malifaux – Ten Thunders: Gwyneth Maddox, Alternative Ototo (Wyrd)
The Other Side: Card-Driven 32mm Skirmish Combat on a Dystopian Dark Fantasy Earth (Wyrd) US
The Other Side: Core Rules (Wyrd) US
The Other Side Fate Decks: Gibbering Hordes, Cult of the Burning Man, King’s Empire, Abyssinia (Wyrd)
The Other Side – King’s Empire: Allegiance Box Charles Edmonton, Royal Rifle Corps, Wales Borderers, King’s Hand, Motor Scout, Sharpshooters (Wyrd)
The Other Side – Abyssinia: Allegiance Box Prince Unathi, Basotho Cavalry, Electrocutioners, Mechanized Infantry, Dreadnaught, Abyssinia Engineer, Marauder (Wyrd)
The Other Side – Gibbering Hordes: Allegiance Box Storm Siren, Armored Whelks, Yarazi, Alpha Crawler, Egg Clutch, Morphling, Devouring Eel (Wyrd)
The Other Side – Cult of the Burning Man: Allegiance Box Adeodators, Stalking Portals, ECB Black Ops, Doomseekers, Gorysche, Raving Madman, Immolated Rhino (Wyrd)
WyrdScapes: Abandoned Store, Solarium, Haunted Spires, Pathways, Makeshift Defenses (Wyrd)

Dual Powers – Revolution 1917: Area Control/Area Influence/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Thunderworks) US
Pacific Victory 2nd Edition: Dice Rolling/Secret Unit Deployment/Simulation (Columbia) US
Strategy & Tactics #315: Red Tide South (Decision) US

Neuheiten 25.01.19

20 Questions: Partygame/Deduktion (Piatnik) DT
Arcadia Quest: Riders Expansion (Asmodee) DT
Champions of Hara: Area Movement/Cooperative Play/Grid Movement/Hand Management/Modular Board (Greenbrier) US
Cloud Mine: Partygame/Humor/Storytelling (Piatnik) DT
Concordia Venus: Card Drafting/Deck/Pool Building/Hand Management/Partnerships/Point to Point Movement (Rio Grande) US
Concordia: Venus Expansion (Rio Grande) US
Dice Throne: Season Two Box 1, Season Two Box 2 (Rio Grande) US
Dragonfire Adventures: Ravaging the Sword Coast Expansion (Catalyst) US
Green Deal: Education/Area Influence/Tile Placement/Simultane Aktionen (Karma Games) DT
The Duke Reinforcements: Battle Troops (Catalyst) US
Fireball Island – The Curse of Vul-Kar: Wreck of Crimson Cutlass (Restoration) US
Folklore – The Affliction: Encounter Record Pad, Character Record Pad (Greenbrier) US
Grifters: Nexus Expansion (Indie Boards & Cards) US
Horizons: Extermination Expansion Pack (Daily Magic) US
Jägermonster Poker Deck: Classic Poker Deck with Artwork from Girl Genius and Ricochet Poker Rules Included (Cheapass) US
King of Tokyo: King Kong Expansion (Iello) DT
Krosmaster: Wild Realms Blind Boxen (Ankama) US
Machi Koro: 5th Anniversary Edition (Pandasaurus) US
Mage Wars Academy: Elementalist Expansion (Arcane Wonders) US
Master of Wills: Area Control/Area Influence/Area Movement/Deck/Pool Building/Variable Phase Orders/Variable Player Powers (Stormcrest) US
Munchkin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) US
Munchkin: Unicorn and Friends (Steve Jackson Games) US
Mystic Vale:Schutzhüllen (Pegasus)
Northern Pacific 2nd Edition: Common Speculation/Route/Network Building/Stock Holding (Rio Grande) US
Pairs: Leaf Deck (Cheapass) US
Ratland – Conquest of the Sewer: Simultaneous action Selection/Take That/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Eclipse Editorial) US
Root: Action/Movement Programming/Area Control/Area Influence/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Leder) US
Root: Riverfolk Expansion (Leder) US
Traveller CCG: Type S Scout Deck, Empress Marava Far Trader Deck, Subsidized Merchant Deck, Trouble on the Mains Expansion (Horizon) US
The Viking Game – HNEFATFL: Abstract Strategy/Grid Movement/Variable Player Powers (Historycraft) DT/US/FR/JP/NV/SP

Alone in the Storm – Solo Play Expansion for War Storm Series: Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter/Simulation (Draco Ideas) US
Commands & Colors – Ancients: 6th Printing Core Game (GMT) US
Commands & Colors – Ancients: 3rd Printing Expansion #1, 2nd Printing Expansion #2/3
Commands & Colors – Napoleonics: 3rd Printing Spanish Army, 2nd Printing Prussian Army (GMT) US
Normany – The Beginning of the End: Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter/Modular Board/Simulation (Draco Ideas) US/SP
World at War Magazine #64: The Rats of Tobruk (Decision) US

Miniaturen & Tabletops:
Battletech – The Game of Armored Combat: Reprint Core Box (Catalyst) US
Battletech: Beginner Box, Shattered Fortress (Catalyst) US
Infinity: Kaizoku Spec-Ops, Dart Optimate Huntress, Ariadna Support Pack Box, Rodok – Armed Imposition, Kamau – Amphibian intervention Teams (Corvus Belli) DT
Warhammer AOS: Gloomspite Gitz – Loonboss, Sneaky Snufflers, Rockgut Troggoths, Mangler Squigs, Dankhold Troggoth, Gobbapalooza (Games Workshop) DT

Neuheiten 18.01.19

Coma Ward: Horror/Action Point Allowance System/Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Tile Placement/Variable Phase Order (Everything Epic) US
Coma Ward Expansions: Cataclysmic Abominations, Mystery Guest (Everything Epic) US
Custom Heroes: Card Game/Hand Management/Trick-taking (Alderac) DT
Fury of Dracula 4th Edition: Partnerships/Point to Point Movement/Secret Unit Deploment/Variable Player Powers (Wizkids) US
The River: Exploration/Tile Placement/Worker Placement (Days of Wonder) DT
Shadow Blocks: Abstract Strategy/Puzzle/Real-time (Ultra PRO) US
SpaceCorp: Hand Management/Point to Point Movement/Solitaire Game (GMT) US
Talisman – Legendary Tales: Cooperative Play/Deck/Pool Building/Variable Player Powers (Pegasus) US
Talon 1000: Grid Movement/Hex-and-Counter/Variable Player Powers (GMT) US
Talon 1000: Base Game Raplicator Counter Sheets (GMT) US
Die Würfelsiedler: Area Control/Area Influence/Deck/Pool Building/Dice Rolling/Tile Placement (Schwerkraft) DT

Pen & Paper:
D&D 5E: The Tome of Mercy, Midgard GM Screen (Kobold Press) US
D&D 5E Sourcebook: Surial – Bear Folk of the North (Why Not) US
D&D 5th Edition: Mini-Dungeon Tome (AAW) US
Earthdawn: Questors (FASA) US
Gamemaster’s Journal: Worldbuilding, Cartographer’s Companion (Frog God) US
Pathfinder: Mini-Dungeon Tome (AAW) US
Pathfinder: Thunderscape – Law & Destiny (Kyoudai) US
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of New Thassilon – Return of the Runelords 6 (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Tavern Multi-Pack  (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Companion: Ultimate Campaign Pocket Edition, Ultimate Intrigue Pocket Edition (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Player Companion: Wilderness Origins (Paizo) US
Purgatory House RPG: Pick-Up and Play Haunted House Horror RPG (Wicked Clever) US
Scarred Lands D&D 5th:  Player’s Guide, The Wise & the Wicked 2E (Onxy Path) US
Scarred Lands Pathfinder:  Player’s Guide, The Wise & the Wicked 2E (Onxy Path) US
Starfinder Adventure Path:  Heart of the Night – Signal of Screams 3 (Paizo) US
Starfinder Flip-Mat: Jungle World (Paizo) US
Tiny Dungeon 2E: Minimalist Fantasy Tiny D6 Engine Powered Micro Settings for Quick and Easy RPG Fun (Gallant Knight) US

Miniaturen & Tabletops:
Feldherr Pinsel: Restock!
Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures: W7 Treant (Wizkids)
Modern Tanks: German BO-105P Helicopter, British Lynx Helicopter, French Gazelle Helicopter, Soviet Mi-24 Hind Helicopter, US AH-1 Cobra Helicopter (GaleForce9) US
Rebels and Patriots: Wargaming Rules for North-America – Colonies to Civil War (Osprey) US
Waterdeep Dragon Heist Miniatures: Manshoon, Jarlaxle Baenre, The Xanathar (GaleForce9)
Painting Tools: D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Brush Set – 3 brushes (GaleForce9)
Starfinder Miniatures: Iconic Heroes Set 1 & Set 2 , Pact Worlds Fleet Set 1, Corpse Fleet Set 1 (NinjaDivision)
Wargames Illustrated: Issue #376, Febuary 2019 (Warlord) US
Wizkids Unpainted Miniatures: MASSIVE RESTOCK! (Wizkids)

Across the Narva: Chit-Pull System/Hex-and-Counter/Simulation/WWII (Revolution Games) US
Campaign 331: Smolensk 1943 (Osprey) US
Combat 38: US Soldier vs Afrikakorps Soldier (Osprey) US
Dark Sands: Chit-Pull System/Hex-and-Counter/WWII (GMT) US
Men-at-Arms 522: The Khazars (Osprey) US
Weapon 66: Weapons of the Viking Warrior (Osprey) US
World in Flames Collector’s Edition: Area Movement/Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter (ADG) US
World in Flames Collector’s Edition: Classic Game-just the game/Deluxe Game-game plus bonus material/Super Deluxe Game-game plus all available bonus material  (ADG) US
World in Flames Collector’s Edition: Territories in Flames, Divisions in Flames (ADG) US

Neuheiten 10.01.19

Arboretum: Deluxe Edition (Renegade) US
Beta Colony: Area Control/Area Influence/Dice Rolling/Roll/Spin and Move (Rio Grande) US
DiceWar: Light of Dragons Core Game, Area Control/Area Influence/Area Movement/Grid Movement/Player Elimination (SunCore) US
DiceWar Expansions: Bond of Demons, Rise of Xeladron (SunCore) US
DiceWar Dice Sets: Bond of Demons Extra Dice Set, Rise of Xeladron Extra Dice Set (SunCore) US
Dominion: Renaissance (Rio Grande) US
Exit – The Game: The Mysterious Museum (Kosmos) US
Gambit Royale: Medieval/Card Game (Rio Grande) US
New Frontiers: Science Fiction/Variable Player Powers (Rio Grande) US
Passing Through Petra: Card Drafting/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Renegade) US
Sword & Sorcery: Meta Coins (Ares)

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Battletech: Shadow Mech SHD-2Hb Mech – 55 Tons (Iron Wind Metals)
Red Book of the Elf King: Core Rulebook (Lucid Eye) US
Savage Core: Rulebook – Skirmish Combat Beneath the Surface of the Earth (Lucid Eye) US
Lock and Load Tactical: Core Rules Ruleset v5.0, Battle Generator v2.0 (Lock and Load) US
Lock and Load Tactical – Heroes of Normandy: 4K X-Maps, The Untold Stories, We Stand Alone (Lock and Load) US
Lock and Load Tactical – Heroes of the Pacific: 4K X-Maps (Lock and Load) US
Lock and Load Tactical – Heroes of the Falklands: 4K X-Maps (Lock and Load) US
Lock and Load Tactical – Heroes of the Nam: 4K X-Maps (Lock and Load) US
Nations at War: Core Rules v3.0

Neuheiten 28.12.18

Ave Roma: Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Variable Phase Order/Worker Placement (A-Games) DT/US/FR/HU
Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles: Starter Set Action/Movement Programming/Dice Rolling/Simulation/Simultaneous Action Selection/Variable Player Powers (Ares) US
Betabotz: Auction/Bidding/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Cooperative Play (B&B Games) US
Boomerang: Card Drafting/Paper-and-Pencil/Set Collection (Grail Games) US
Cult Following: Cult Classics Expansion (Bravely Told) US
Dark Legacy – The Rising Starter Sets: Chaos vs Tech, Darkness vs Divine, Earth vs Wind (Upper Deck) US
Dark Legacy – The Rising Expansions: #1 Levels 5-7, #2 Levels 8-12, #3 Levels 13-20 (Upper Deck) US
Destiny Aurora – Renegades: Area Control/Area Influence/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Player Elimination (B&B Games) US
D&D Rock Paper Wizard: Fistful of Monsters expansion (Wizkids) US
Dudab Buba: Prehistoric/Hand Management (A-Games) DT/US/HU
Highlander – The Duel: Card Drafting/Pattern Recognition/Press Your Luck (B&B Games) US
Klong!: Versunkene Schätze (Schwerkraft) US
Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition (Wizkids) US
Magic – The Gathering Heroes of Dominaria: Fantasy/Area Movement/Story Driven (Wizkids) US
Marvel Legendary: Ant-Man Expansion (Upper Deck) US
Marvel Strike Teams: Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Wizkids) US
Marvel Strike Teams: Avengers Initiative (Wizkids) US
Noises at Night: Card Drafting/Hand Management/Pattern recognition (B&B Games) US
Pitchstorm: Cooperative Play/Party Game/Storytelling (Skybound) US
Pitchstorm Expansions: Date Night – A RomCom Expansion, NC-17 – An XXX Expansion, Creature Feature – A Horror Expansion, Awards Season – A Very Prestigious Expansion (Skybound) US
Prehistory: Area Control/Area Influence/Modular Board/Set Collection/Tile Placement/Worker Placement (A-Games) DT/US/FR/HU
The Refuge – A Race for Survival: Area Control/Area Influence/Card drafting/Pattern Recognition (B&B Games) US
RoboRace: Puzzle/Pattern Building/Pattern Recognition (A-Games) DT/US/FR/HU
Sakura: Card Game/Hand Management/Take That (A-Games) DT/US/FR/HU
Scorpius Freighter: Card Drafting/Point to Point Movement/Set Collection/Worker Placement (AEG) US
Stephenson’s Rocket: Trains/Area Control/Area Influence/Grid Movement/Route/Network Building/Set Collection (Grail Games) US
Stephenson’s Rocket: Eastern USA & China (Grail Games) US
VS System 2PCG: The Buffy Battles (Upper Deck) US
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions: Wave 2 Onslaught Booster (Play Fusion) US
Wombattle: Acting/Singing/Storytelling/Party Game (A-Games) DT/US/FR/HU
Yukon: Card Drafting/Grid Movement/Modular Board (A-Games) DT/US/HU

Miniaturen & Tabletops:
AVP: Predator Hellhounds (Prodos) US
Colonial Gothic: Settings (Rogue Games) US
Dark Heaven Bones: November 2018 Bundle – A brand new wave of Bones Miniatures (Reaper) US
Weathering Magazine #24: Under New Management (AMMO) US

Pen & Paper:
5E: Ultramodern (Dias Ex Machina) US
5E Original Adventures Reincarnated #2: The Isle of Dread Hardcover (Goodman) US
5th Edition Adventures: C3 – Upon the Powder River (Troll Lord) US
Arcanis – The World of Shattered Empires: 5E Campaign Setting (Paradigm Concepts) US
Cavaliers of Mars: Pulp Wasteland Pirate Age Fantasy on Mars, Tabletop RPG Core Rules (Onyx Publishing) US
Cold Shadows: Espionage RPG Core Rules (Gallant Knight) US
DCC 2018 Holiday Module: Home for the Holideath (Goodman) US
D&D An Endless Quest Adventure: Big Trouble Hardcover (Candlewick) US
Dungeons and Dragons: Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Wizards of the Coast) US
Graphic Novel Adventures: Captive, Loup Garou, Your Town, Tears of Goddess, Sherlock Holmes (Van Ryder) US
Kult – Divinity Lost: Horror RPG Core Rulebook (Modiphius) US
Ork! The Roleplaying Game: 2nd Edition Core Rules in the World of Orkness (Green Ronin) US
The Sixth Gun: RPG Adaption of the Comic Series in the Savage Worlds Ruleset, Core Rules (Studio2) US
The Sixth Gun: GM Screen (Studio2) US
Star Trek Adventures: Starter Set (Modiphius) US

America Falling – The Coming Civil War: Modern Warfare/Hex-and-Counter/Area Movement (One Small Step) US
Andean Abyss 2nd Printing: COIN Series/Area Control/Area Influence/Area Movement/Campaign/Battle Card Driven (GMT) US
Andean Abyss 2nd Printing: Update Kit (GMT) US
Campaign 329: Mutina 43BC (Osprey) US
Elite 226: Division Leclerc (Osprey) US
Fire in the Lake 2nd Edition: COIN Series/Area Control/Area Influence/Variable Player Powers (GMT) US
Fire in the Lake 2nd Edition: Update Kit (GMT) US
New Vanguard 265: Superguns 1854-1991 (Osprey) US
Paper Wars #90: MacArthur’s War (Compass) US
Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #4: World War III (Decision) US
The War for the Union: American Civil War/Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter (Compass) US

Neuheiten 13.12.19

Betrayal at the House on the Hill: Upgrade Kit (Wizkids) US
Blackout: Economic/Deck&Pool-Building/Area Control *Premiumshop-exklusiv bis 31.12* (Pegasus) DT
Detective: Case 6 – Suburbia
Der Vetternkrieg – The Cousins‘ War 1455-1485: Dice&Cardgame/Area Control/Battlecarddriven (Frosted Games) DT
Dicehack: Dice Rolling/Resource Management/Strategy (WildFire) US
Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid (Pandasaurus) US
Dreams: Deduction/Partygame/Pattern Building/Voting  (Zoch) DT
Duelosaur Island: Card Drafting/Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Set Collection (Pandasaurus) US
Exit: Katakomben des Grauens (Kosmos) DT
Fuji: Adventure/Carddriven (Feuerland) DT
Get the Cheese!: Party Game/Hand Management/Mice (Stronghold) US
Der Herr der Träume: Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Role Playing/Storytelling/Variable Player Powers (Asmodee) DT
Magnastorm: Worker Placement/Exploration/Area Movement (Feuerland) DT
Massive Darkness: Assassinen des Blutmondes vs. Höllefant, Hexenmeister vs. Lord Eisenhauer, Rattlinge (CMON) DT
Pandemic: Der Untergang Roms (Asmodee) DT
Pandemic: 10-Jahre Jubiläumsedition (Asmodee) DT
Railroad Ink: Rote oder Blaue Edition, Roll-and-write/Paper-and-Pencil/Route/Network Building (Horrible Games) DT
The Estates – Bid and Build: Area Control/Area Influence/Auction/Bidding (Capstone) US
Twilight Imperium: Civ Building/Negotiation/Strategy/Area-Influence  4. Edition (Asmodee) DT
Tribes: Civ.-Building/Grid Movement/Tile Placement (Kosmos) DT
Wakening Lair: Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Rather Dashing) US
Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box, Orks WAAAGH! Team Pack (Wizkids) US

Pen & Paper:
5th Edition Fantasy: Tome of Beasts 2 – Creature Codex, Midgard Sagas for 5E (Kobold Press) US
Coriolis – Der Dritte Horizont: Grundregelwerk, Schnellstartheft, Spielleiterschirm, Ikonenkarten (Uhrwerk) DT
Cthulhu: Jubiläumsnotizbuch in DinA4-A6 (Pegasus) DT
Dungeons and Dragons: Spell Effects – Arcane Fury & Divine Might (Wizkids) US
D&D 5: Xanathars Ratgeber für alles (Ulisses) DT
D&D 5: Waterdeep Vinyl Game Mat, Waterdeep Dragon Heist DM Screen (GaleForce9) US
DSA: Aventurischer Bote #192, Die Flusslande Regionalband, Heldenbrevier der Flusslande, Ketten für die Ewigkeit, Spielkartenset Aventurische Magie 3 – Zauber, Spielkartenset Aventurische Magie 3 – Zaubererweiterung, Spielkartenset Aventurische Magie 3 – Sonderfertigkeiten, Spielkartenset Aventurische Magie 3 – Traditionsartefakte, Rüstkammer der Flusslande, Landkartenset der Flusslande (Ulisses) DT
GURPS: How to be a GURPS GM (Steve Jackson Games) US
Heredium: Operation Eurystheus (Promethus) DT
Los Muertos: Grundregelwerk (Prometheus) DT
Pathfinder Handbuch: Vermächtnis der Alten (Ulisses) DT
Pathfinder Adventure Path: The City Outside of Time – Return of the Runelords 5 (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Faiths of Golarion (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Haunted House (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Module: Cradle of Night (Paizo) US
Shadowrun: Better Than Bad (Catalyst) US
Starfinder: The Penumbra Protocol – Signal of Screams 2, Critical Hit Deck (Paizo) US
Traveller: Grundregelwerk Softcover, Die Schmuggler von Delebuan, Stolperfalle (13 Mann) DT
Vampire – Die Maskerade V20: Entfesselte Anarchen, Blutriten, Wissen der Clans, Die Schwarze Hand, Ghule und Wiedergänger, Wissen der Blutlinien, Vorgefertigte Charaktere, Anathema – Die Rote Liste (Ulisses) DT
Warhammer Fantasy RPG: Collector’s Edition Rulebook (Cubicle 7) US

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Set 10 – Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica Companion Starter One & Two, Booster Brick (Wizkids)
Flames of War: Stalingrad Starter Set, Panzer II Platoon, StuG (Early) Platoon, Marder (7.62cm) Tank Hunter Platoon, Sd KfZ 221 & 222 Light Scout Troop, Sd KfZ 223 Heavy Scout Troop, Ju 87 Stuka Flight, 7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon, 15cm Infantry Gun Platoon, DSHK AA Platoon, Katyusha Guards Rocket Battery, T-60 Tank Company, BA-10 Armored Car Platoon, IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Flight (Battlefront)
Freebooters Fate: 2. Edition Regelwerk, 2. Edition Fraktionskarten (Freebooter Miniatures) DT
Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments: Adventurer Paint Set, Monster Paint Set (GaleForce9)
Tanks – The Modern Age: M1 vs. T-64 Starter, US M1/M1A1/IPM1 Tank, Soviet T-72 Tank, British Chieftain/Stillbrew Tank, German Leopard 2 Tank, US M60 Tank, Soviet T-64 Tank, British Scorpion/Scimitar Tank, German Leopard 1 Tank, French AMX30/155mm SP Tank, US Dice, Soviet Dice, British Dice, German Dice, French Dice (GaleForce9) US
Team Yankee: East German Decals, Dana SP 152mm Battery, RM-70 Rocket Launcher, OT-64 Transport, Czechoslovakian Decals, Polish Decals, Czechoslovak People’s Army Booklet, Polish People’s Army Booklet (Battlefront) US
Terrain Crate: Campsite (Mantic)
Waterdeep Dragon Heist Miniatures: Lariel Silverhand, Vajra Safahr, Mirt the Moneylender, Black Viper, The Xanathar (GaleForce9)

Neuheiten 3.12.18

Action Cats!: Party Game/Storytelling (Twogether Studios) US
Architects of the West Kingdom: Card Drafting/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Renegade) US
Arboretum: Hand Management/Set Collection/Tile Placement (Renegade) US
AuZtralien: Cooperative Play/Route/Network Building/Time Track (Schwerkraft) DT
Bad Doctor:
Humor/Tile Placement (Mantic) US
Boss Monster: Aufstieg der Minibosse (Pegasus) DT
Cogs and Commissars: Card Drafting/Hand Management/Take That/Variable Player Powers (Atlas) US
Crossroads of Heroes: Asian Theme/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Pat Piper) US/CH
Crossroads of Heroes: Evil Sect (Pat Piper) US/CH
Der Unterhändler: Der Boss, Der Ex-Cop, Die Petersen Zwillinge, Auf der Flucht – Expansions (Frosted Games) DT
Henhouse Havoc:
Humor/Memory/Secret Unit Deployment (Ankama) US
Illimat: Abstract Strategy/Hand Management/Set Collection (Twogether Studios) US
Illimat: The Crane Wife Expansion (Twogether Studios) US
Lindisfarne: Dice Rolling/Set Collection (RUNES Edition) DT/FR
The Order of the Vampire Hunters:
Horror/Area Movement/Cooperative Play/Modular Board (Dark Gate) US
The Order of the Vampire Hunters Expansions: From Blood to Dust, Castle Dracula, Tori Zaibatsu/Crawlers, Elder Vampire Brith, Vibora and The Jararaca, Map Tiles (Dark Gate) US
Phoenix – Dawn Command: Fantasy/Deck/Pool Building/Role Playing (Twogether Studios) US
Radetzky – Milano 1848: Area Movement/Cooperative Play/Hand Management/Set Collection (Post Scriptum) DT/US/FR/IT
Robin Hood and the Merry Men: Card drafting/Dice Rolling/Press Your Luck/Set Collection/Worker Placement (Final Frontier) US
Scythe: Aufstieg der Fenris (Feuerland) DT
Subatomar – Ein Atombauspiel: Deck/Pool Building/Hand Management/Press Your Luck (Schwerkraft) DT
Tag City: Dice Rolling/Paper-and-Pencil (RUNES Edition) DT/FR
Trôl: Fantasy/Dice Rolling (Sweet Games) DT
Der Unterhändler Erweiterungen: #1 Der Boss, #2 Die Petersen Zwillinge, #3 Der Ex-Cop, #4 Auf der Flucht (Frosted) DT
Village Attacks: Area Movement/Cooperative Play/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Grimlord) US
Village Attacks Expansions: Despair & Abhorrence, Dread & Malice, Doom & Suffering, Fear & Torment, Greed & Fury, Rage & Avarice, Terror & Anguish, Wrath & Ruin, Horrors of the Sands, The Troll, 3D Traps, Dice Bundle (Grimlord) US
Viticulture: Besuch aus dem Rheingau (Feuerland) DT
New Allies (Post Scriptum) DT/US/FR/IT
Zwischen zwei Schlössern: Card Drafting/Partnerships/Tile Placement (Feuerland) DT

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Bolt Action: Farmyard Animals, Dicebags inkl. Würfeln (Warlord)
Terrain Crate: Battlefield Objective, Blacksmith Forge, Battlefield, Town Center, Battlefield Fences & Hedges, Battlefield Walls, Fences, Hunters Camp, Village Square, Market, Livery Stable, Market Stalls, Gallows & Stocks (Mantic)
Wargames Illustrated: Dezemberausgabe, inkl. 2 Gratisschiffchen für Cruel Seas (Warlord) US

Pen & Paper:
Capharnaum – The Tales of the Dragon-Marked: Arabian Nights, Argonauts and Adventure RPG by Sarah Newton Core Rulebook (Modiphius) US
Dungeons and Dragons: Core Rulebook Gift Set, Guildmasters‘ Guide to Ravnica, Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage Map Pack (Wizards of the Coast) US
Dungeon Crawl Classics: Treasure Chest #3 Boxed Adventures Set (Goodman) US
Infinity: GM Screen (Modiphius) US
Splittermond: Sadu, die Fürstentümer der Südlande (Uhrwerk) DT
Star Trek Adventures: Operations Division Supplemental Rulebook (Modiphius) US
Mythras: Mythic Britain, der weiße Tod (Uhrwerk) DT
Vampire – The Masquerade: Deluxe Rulebook (Modiphius) US

Al Nofi’s Imperium Romanum: Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter/Simulation (Decision) US
Strategy & Tactics #314: Last Stand at Isandlwana (Decision) US

Neuheiten 23.11.18

5-Minute Marvel: Card Game/Cooperative Play/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Spin Master) US
Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun Standalone Sequel (Green Couch) US
Black Hole Council: Deduction/Pattern Recognition/Simultaneous Action Selection/Voting (Orange Machine) US
Capital City: Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting/Hand Management/Set Collection (Calliope) US
Cult – Choose Your God Wisely:
Horror/Auction/Bidding/Worker Placement (Cryptozoic) US
Dark Souls – The Card Game: Forgotten Paths (Steamforged) US
Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Kraken, Miniatures Pack (Minion) US
Dice Settlers:
Area Control/Area Influence/Deck/Pool Building/Dice Rolling/Tile Placement (NSKN) US
Dicey Peaks: Exploration/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Press Your Luck (Calliope) US
Dungeons & Dragons Boardgame: Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Wizards of the Coast) US
D&D Dungeon Mayhem: Card Game/Fantasy/Player Elimination (Wizards of the Coast) US
Exceed: Emogine Bonus Fighter, Sydney & Serena Bonus Fighter (Level99) US
Area Control/Area Influence/Dice Rolling/Paper-and-Pencil/Secret Unit Deployment (Braincrack) US
Fireball Island – The Curse of Vul-Kar:
The Last Adventurer (Restoration) US
Party Pack (Steve Jackson) US
Neandertal/Greenland: Folding Board (Stonemeier) US
One Week Ultimate Werewolf: Party Game/Hand Management/Modular Board/Role Playing/Voting (Bézier) US
Roll for Your Life, Candyman!: Humor/Real-time/Dice Rolling/Player Elimination (Smirk&Dagger) US
Ruchlos: Card Crafting/Hand Management/Set Collection (Piatnik) DT
RWBY – Combat Ready:
Fighting/Cooperative Play/Variable Player Powers (Arcane Wonders) US
Golden Fleece (Spinmaster) US
Showtime: Card Game/Family (Pegasus) DT/US
ShutterBug: Exploration/Hand Management/Set Collection (Calliope) US
Sword & Sorcery: Darkness Falls (Arcane Wonders) US
Terraforming Mars: Colonies (Stonemeier) US

Pen & Paper:

Castles & Crusades: Adventurer’s Backpack Hardback (Troll Lord) US
Knights of the Dinner Table #260: The Cosmic Fun-House! (Kenzer) US
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Adventures: Going Through Forbidden Overworlds, Obscene Serpent Religion 2 (LotFP) US
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Supplement: She Bleeds, Sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom (LotFP) US
Lost Citadel: Tales of the Lost Citadel Softcover (Green Ronin) US
Pathfinder: Playtest Dice Set (Q-Workshop)
Starfinder: Against the Aeon Throne Dice Set (Q-Workshop)


Neuheiten 19.11.18

Black Panther Movie POP! Marvel Vinyl Wackelkopf-Figur M’Baku 9cm
Freitag der 13. Teil 5 Actionfigur Ultimate Jason 18cm
Godzilla Head to Tail Actionfigur 2016 Shin Godzilla (Atomic Blast) 30cm
Justice League Movie POP! Vinyl Figur Wonder Woman with Mother Box 9cm
Marvel Q-Fig Diorama Deadpool #unicornselfie 10cm
Nightmare on Elm Street 5 Retro Actionfigur Chef Freddy 20cm
Actionfigur Ultimate Ahab Predator 20cm
Star Wars Episode VIII POP! Vinyl Wackelkopf-Figur BB-9E 9cm
Tanz der Teufel II Bishoujo Statue 1/7 Ash Williams 27cm

7 Wonders: Armada Expansion (Asmodee) DT
Team Play DLC-Expansion (Asmodee) DT
Agent Undercover 2: 
Bluffing/Humor/Memory/Voting (Piatnik) DT
Medieval/Card Game/Action Point Allowance System/Press Your Luck (Invedars) DT/FR/ES/US
AuZtralia: Cooperative Play/Route/Network Building/Time Track (Stronghold) US
Bears vs. Babies: Card Game/Humor/Take that (Asmodee) DT
Betrayal Legacy: 
Horror/Cooperative Play/Role Playing/Storytelling/Legacy (Avalon Hill) US
Big Bang!: Partnerships/Tile Placement/Time Track (Invedars) ES/US
Brikks: Tile Placement/Pattern Building/Roll&Write (Schmidt) DT
Bucket of Doom: 
Party Game/Storytelling/Voting (Big Potato) DT
Button Men: 
Originals Expansion/Reprint (Cheapass) US
Clash of Steel – A Tactical Card Game of Medieval Duels: 
Auction/Bidding/Betting/Wagering/Campaign/Battle Card Driven (Nocturnal Media) US
Deadwood 1876: Card Drafting/Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Partnerships (Facade Games) US
Deckscape: The Mystery of El Dorado (dv Giochi) US
Der Unterhändler:
 Solitair/Card Game (Frosted Games) DT
Der unvollendete Fall von Holmes: 
Storytelling/Escape Room/Pen&Pencil (iDventure) DT/US
Deduction/Coop/Storytelling (Portal Games) DT
DragonFire Adventure Card Game: 
Corruption of Calimshan Expansion (Catalyst) US
Firefly Brigands & Browncoats: Respectable Folk Expansion, Wanted Fugitives Expansion (GaleForce9) US
Folklore – The Affliction: 
Miniatures Box Set, Expansion Kit (Greenbrier) US
God Hates Charades: Wrath Expansion (God Hates Games) US
GoodCritters: Bluffing/Simultaneous Action Selection/Voting (Arcane Wonders) US
Holding On – Das bewegte Leben des Billy Kerr: Card Game/Memory/Puzzle (The Hub) DT
Area Control/Area Influence/Tile Placement/Modular Board (Daily Magic) US
Imperial Settlers: Promo Box (Pegasus) DT 
Just One: 
Party Game/Word Game/Coop (Repos) DT
Deck vs. Deck/Unique – Starterboxen und Einzeldecks (Asmodee) DT
Mage Wars Academy: Druid Expansion (Arcane Wonders) US
Master of Orion: Card Game/Economic/Hand Management/SciFi (Schmidt) DT
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Steve Jackson Games) US
Nah und Fern: 
Adventure/Card Drafting/Dice Rolling/Route/Network Building/Set Collection/Storytelling/Worker Placement (Schwerkraft) DT
Onitama: Way of the Wind Expansion (Arcane Wonders) US
Orbis: Civ. Builder/Tile Placement (Space Cowboys) DT
Perdition’s Mouth – Abyssal Rift: 
Action Point Allowance System/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Cooperative Play/Hand Management/Variable Player Powers (Dragon Dawn) DT/US
Perdition’s Mouth – Abyssal Rift: Hideouts (Dragon Dawn) DT/US
Pictomania 2nd Edition
: Party Game/Humor/Line Drawing (CGE) DT
Pocket Pharma: 
Deluxe Edition Card Drafting/Hand Management/Pattern Building (Alley Cat) US
Pocket Sub: Deluxe Edition Area Movement/Grid Movement/Tile Placement (Alley Cat) US
Reise zu Osiris: 
Ancient/Negotiation/Commodity Speculation/Pattern Building/Worker Placement (Schwerkraft) DT
Reykholt: Farming/Worker Placement/Uwe Rosenberg (Frosted Games) DT
Ricochet Poker: 
Gambling/Poker (Cheapass) US
Rick & Morty – The Rickshank Redemption: Deck Building/Voting/Card Game (Cryptozoic) US
Ruthless: Card Drafting/Deck/Pool Building/Hand Management/Set Collection (Alley Cat) US
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Benchmark, OblivAeon, Void Guard, Ultimate Collectors Case (Greater Than Games) US
Shadows – Amsterdam: Party Game/Exploration/Deduction (Libellud) DT
Swordcrafters: Pattern Building/Set Collection/Tile Placement (Adam’s Apple) US
Tal der Kaufleute: 
Card Drafting/Deck/Pool Building/Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Set Collection (Schwerkraft) DT
The Rise of Queensdale: Medieval/Worker Placement/Dice Rolling/Legacy (Ravensburger) US
Thunderstone Quest: Fantasy/Deck/Pool Building/Strategy (AEG) US
Zogen: Real-Time/Card Game/Pattern Building (Oink) US/JP
Zug um Zug: New York (Days of Wonder) DT

Pen & Paper:
D&D RPG: Waterdeep – Dragon Heist Dice, Guildmasters‘ Guide to Ravnica Dice (Wizards of the Coast)
GURPS: Spaceships 4th Edition (Steve Jackson Games) US
Pathfinder Adventure Path:
 Temple of the Peacock Spirit  – Return of the Runelords 4 of 6 (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Construct Builder’s Guidebook, Inner Sea Faiths (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Player Companion: Martial Arts Handbook (Paizo) US
Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Docks, Classics Warehouse (Paizo) US
Sourcebook: Armory (Paizo) US
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Diaspora Strain – Signal of Screams 1 of 3 (Paizo) US
Starfinder Flip-Mat: Hospital (Paizo) US
Starfinder: Wolkenruinen – TS 4v6, Das dreizehnte Tor – TS 5v6 (Ulisses) DT
The Gamers – The Shadow Menace:
 BluRay/DVD Combo Pack of the Great Modern Larp Movie (Paizo) US

Lincoln: Area Control/Area Influence/Hand Management/Point to Point Movement (PSC) US
Quartermaster General – The Cold War: Area Control/Area Influence/Hand Management/Cold War (PSC) US
SHAEF: D-Day/Card Game/Asymmetric Gameplay/Counter Movement (PSC) US

Neuheiten 8.11.18

Gremlins 2 POP! Horror Figur Flashing Gremlin 9cm
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 POP! Figur Teenage Groot 9cm
Rick and Morty Actionfigur Morty 13cm
Stranger Things Actionfigur Mike 15cm
Stranger Things Actionfigur Will 15cm
Stranger Things Actionfigur Punk Eleven 15cm

One Piece Memory Figur Roronoa Zorro 25cm

Axis & Allies & Zombies: World War II/Zombies/Area Control & Area Influence (Avalon Hill) US
Blob Lobber: Science Fiction/Action & Dexterity (Steve Jackson Games) US
Iron Clays (Roxley) US
Bossmonster: Aufstieg der Minibosse (Pegasus) DT
Chronicles of Crime: 
Cooperative Play/Storytelling/Time Track/Variable Player Powers (Lucky Duck) DE/FR/US
Chronicles of Crime: Virtual Reality Expansion (Lucky Duck) DE/FR/US
City of Rome: City Building/Pattern Building (Abacus) DT
Counterfeiters: Worker Placement (Quined Games) DT/US
Dark Souls The Boardgame: 
Gaping Dragon Expansion (Steamforged) US
Dark Souls The Card Game: Forgotten Paths Expansion (Steamforged) US
DC DBG: Rivals – Green Lantern vs Sinestro (Cryptozoic) US
Dino Dude Ranch: Prehistoric/Dice Rolling/Set Collection (Letiman) US
Discover – Zu unentdeckten Landen: Unique Game/Adventure & Exploration/Modular Board/Variable Player Powers (Asmodee) DT
Epic Card Game Pantheon: Angeline vs. Scara, Gareth vs. Lashnov, Shadya vs. Valentina, Riksis vs. Tarken (White Wizard) US
Evolution – Climate: Play Mat (North Star)
Fast Forward – FATAL: Bluffing/Math/Hand Management/Set Collection (2F) DT
Feiner Sand: 
Deck/Pool Building/Handmanagement/Solitaire Game (2F) DT
Flanx: Modular Board/Pattern Recognition/Tile Placement (Lark & Clam) US
Firenze: Deck/Pool-Building/Set Collection – 2nd edition (Quined Games) DT/US
Folklore – The Affliction: 
Dark Tales Expansion (Greenbrier) US
Foppen: Card Game/Hand Management/Trick-taking (2F) DT
Forbidden Sky: Cooperative Play/Modular Board/Tile Placement/Variable Player Powers (Schmidt) DT
Forum Trajanum: Tile Placement/City Building/Variable Player Powers (HUCH!) DT/EN/FR
Futuropia: Economic/Political/Science Fiction/Simulation (2F) DT
Gadgeteers: Betting & Wagering/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers (Letiman) US
Games Orbit: Die Oktober-Ausgabe des Pegasus Hausmagazin’s zum gratis mitnehmen (Pegasus) DT
Chit-Pull System/Deck & Pool Building/Tile Placement/Worker Placement (Letiman) US
Haven: Area Control/Area Enclosure/Hand Management/Press Your Luck/Set Collection (Red Raven) US
Hero Realms Play Mats: Command, Fire Bomb, Rampage, Tyrannor (White Wizard) US
Hexenhaus: Pattern Building/Set Collection/Tile Placement (Lookout) DT
Imhotep – Das Duell: Area Control/Modular Board/Set Collection (KOSMOS) DT
Jumanji: Dice/Racing/Roll/Spin and Move (Spinmaster) US
Jungli-La: Exploring/Dice Rolling/Modular Board (Tasty Minstrel) US
King’s Struggle: Card Game/Negotiation/Medieval (WizKids) US
Meeple Circus: Familiy/Dexterity (Pegasus) DT
Million Dollars But … : 
Expansion Pack #1, Holiday Expansion #1 (Cryptozoic) US
Mini City: Familiy Game/Worker Placement/Set Collection  (Piatnik) DT/US
Monolith Arena:
 Fantasy Theme/Tactic/Fighting (Pegasus) DT
Most Wanted: 
Hand Management/Press Your Luck/Western/Card Game (North Star) US
Munchkin 9: 
Jurassic Snark (Steve Jackson Games) US
Neom: City Building/Card Drafting/Tile Placement (Lookout) DT
Nessos: Mythology/Deduction/Player Elimination/Take That (IELLO) DT
Outback: Animals/Dice Rolling/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Tile Placement (HUCH!) DT/EN/FR/NL
Petrichor: Area Control/Area Influence/Hand Management/Modular Board/Voting (APE) US
Raiatea: Auction/Set Collection (Quined Games) DT/US
Nautical/Vikings (IELLO) DT
Räuber der Nordsee: Felder des Ruhms, Halle der Helden, Sammlerbox (Schwerkraft) DT
Renegade: Dice Rolling/Area Control/Cooperative Play/Pool Building/Press Your Luck (Victory Point Games) US
Renegade: Fire & Chaos Expansion (Victory Point Games) US
Roll for Adventure: Cooperative Play/Fantasy/Dice Rolling (Kosmos) DT
Smash Up: 
Starfinder (Pegasus) DT
Pirates/Science Fiction/Humor/Modular Board (Steve Jackson Games) US
Star Realms – Frontiers: Standalone Star Realms Game, can be combined with Star Realms Core or Colony Wars (White Wizard) US
Star Realms: Universal storage Box (White Wizard)
Star Realms Command Decks: Alignment, Alliance, Coalition, The Pact, The Union, The Unity (White Wizard) US
Sweet Jenny: 
Bluffing/Press Your Luck/Pirates (John Wick) US
 Fantasy/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Pegasus) DT
The Boldest: 
Movement Programming/Auction/Hand Management (Edition Spielwiese) DT
Time Stories: 
Bruderschaft der Küste (Asmodee) DT
Trade on the Tigris: 
Civilization/Card Drafting/Set Collection/Trading (Tasty Minstrel) US
Tramways Engineer’s Workbook: 
Crayon Rail System/Modular Board/Tile Placement/Puzzle (Alban Viard) US
Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter – Edition (Winning Moves) DT
Tuscanny: Essential Edition – reprint (Feuerland) DT
Village: Reprint des Klassikers (Pegasus) DT
Zircles: Puzzle (Ultra PRO) US

Pen & Paper:
7te See: Angriff des Kraken (Pegasus) DT
Art and Arcana – A Visual History: 
An Illustrated Guide to the History and Evolution of Dungeons and Dragons (Ten Speed Press) US
Cthulhu: Abenteuer aus der Gruft, Apocalypsen, Chartae Cthulhiana (Pegasus) DT
D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Minis: 
Male/Female Aasimar Fighter, Male/Female Gnome Wizard, Male/Female Elf Fighter, Male/Female Halfling Fighter, Male/Female Tiefling Warlock, Male Human Druid, Male Dwarf Barbarian, Fomorian, Adult Remorhaz, Frost Giant Male, Nameless One, Death Knight & Helmed Horror, Flesh Golem, Gelatinous Cube, Green Hag & Night Hag, Shambling Mound, Panther & Leopard, Myconid Adults, Monodrone & Duodrone (Wizkids)
D&D Spellbook Cards: Monsters 0-5, Monsters 6-17 (GaleForce 9) US
DSA1 remastered: 
Tödlicher Wein, Fluch des Mantikor (Ulisses) DT
DSA5: In den Nebeln Havenas, Neuauflage (Ulisses) DT
DSA5: Heldenbrevier Havena, Havena Stadtkartenset (Ulisses) DT
Fate Dice Accelerated: Set of 12 assorted Fate Dice (Evil Hat)
Fate Points Accelerated: Set of 30 blue Fate Points (Evil Hat)
Improv for Gamers: Roleplaying Aid for Gamers and GMs to encourage spontaneous creativity (Evil Hat) US
L5R-RPGCore Rules, Game Master’s Kit, Whispers of Shadow and Steel (FFG) US
Numenera 2nd Edition: Players Guide (Monte Cook) US
Pathfinder: Krieg um die Krone Band 1 und 2, Krieg um die Krone Aufstellersammlung, Krieg um die Krone Landkarten, Handbuch der verborgenen Kulte (Ulisses) DT
Pathfinder Deep Cuts Unpainted Minis: Male Halfling Rogue, Female Gnome Rogue, Male/Female Elf Fighter, Male/Female Human Wizard, Male/Female Human Barbarian, Liches, Flying Ray, Female Knights/Gray Maidens (Wizkids)
 Hamburg, Letaler Code, Toxische Wege, Der Vitruvianische Moment – Roman (Pegasus) DT
Spiele-Comic Noir: 
Loup-Garou (Pegasus) DT
Starfinder: Das 13. Tor – TS Abenteuer 5 von 6, Asteroiden-Map (Ulisses) DT
Tachyon Squadron: Sci-Fi Action in the Fate System, Supplement to Fate Core (Evil Hat) US
Wizkids Deep Cuts Unpainted Minis: 
Torture Rack, Cage & Chains, Executioner & Chopping Block, Stocks, Pile of Bones & Entrails, Iron Maiden, Assistant & Torture Cross (Wizkids)

Miniaturen & Tabletop:
Age of Sigmar: 
Sacrosanct & other Stories, softcover Roman (Games Workshop) US
Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Rulebook, hardcover  (Chaosium) US
Dark Heaven Miniatures: Battleguard Golem Magnus, Nightcloak (Reaper)
Horus Heresy: Heralds of the Siege, hardcover Roman (Games Workshop) US
Infinity: Uprising, inkl. Promominiatur, Azuras – Hacker, Noctifers – Spitfire und Missile Launcher, Haqqislam Remotes Box, Streloks – Kazak Reconnaissance Unit Box, Celestial Guards Box, PanO Military Orders 300pt. Box (Corvus Belli) DT
WH40k: Ork Codex, Boomdakka Snazzwaggon, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, Megatrakk Scrapjet, Deffkilla Wartrike (Games Workshop) DT/US

Corsair Leader: World War II/Simulation/Solitaire Wargame (DVG) US
Corsair Leader: Aces Expansion (DVG) US
Corsair Leader: Neoprene Mat (DVG) US
Coronel & the Falkland Islands: World War I/Wargame/Folio Series (Decision) US
Europe in Turmoil – Prelude to the Great War: Area Control/Political/Wargame/Battle Card Driven/Dice Rolling/Hand Management (Compass) US
Maori Wars – The New Zealand Land Wars 1845-1872: Wargame/Hex-and-Counter/New Zealand (Legion) US
River Plate & Denmark Strait: Ship-to-Ship/Wargame/World War II/Folio Series (Decision) US
Stalingrad – Verdun on the Volga: World War II/Area-Impulse (Last Stand) US
Superboxen: M, L – Perfekt zur Aufbewahrung von Countern