Neuheiten 18.04.19

ASL: Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #10 2019 (MMP) US
Atlanta is Ours: Civil War/Hex-and-Counter (MMP) US
Campaign #333: The Aleuthians 1942-43 (Osprey) US
Combat #39: Russian Soldier vs. Japanese Soldier (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #269: European Ironclads 1860-75 (Osprey) US
ASL Red Factories: ASL/Hex-and-Counter (MMP) US
Stalin’s World War II: Modern Warfare/Hex-and-Counter (Compass) US
Vietnam – Rumor of War: Vietnam War/Hex-and-Counter (Compass) US
Weapon #67: Sniping Rifles on the Eastern Front 1939-45 (Osprey) US
World War II – Battle By Battle: Compact Gift Book of 30 of WWII’s Most Significant Battles (Osprey) US
Zeppelin Raider – Imperial German Naval Airships: WWI/Aviation/Simulation/Solitaire (Compass) US

Neuheiten 14.04.19

Ardennes ’44: 3rd Edition REPRINT, Mounted Map Board REPRINT (GMT) US
Combat Commander – Europe: 1st Edition, 4th REPRINT (GMT) US
Commands & Colors – Ancients: Expansion #2/3 1st Edition 2nd REPRINT (GMT) US
The Dark Valley: Deluxe REPRINT (GMT) US
Empire of the Sun: 2nd Edition, 2nd REPRINT (GMT) US
Labyrinth – The War on Terror: 1st Edition 4th REPRINT (GMT) US
Modern War Magazine #41: Sixth Fleet (Decision) US
Paths of Glory: Deluxe Edition (GMT) US
Space Empires 4X: Close Encounters Expansion 1st Edition, 2nd REPRINT (GMT) US
SPQR: Deluxe 2nd Edition REPRINT (GMT) US

Neuheiten 05.04.19

Field Commander Alexander: Deluxe Reprint (DVG) US
Field Commander Napoleon: Deluxe Reprint (DVG) US
Field Commander Rommel: Deluxe Reprint (DVG) US
Warfighter Korea: North Korea #1 & #2, South Korea #1 & #2, United Nations (DVG) US
Warfighter WWII Pacific: Alternative WWII Core Game (DVG) US
Warfighter WWII Expansions: Japan #1 & #2, US Marine #1 & #2, Australia #1 & #2, France #1 & #2, China #1, #2 & #3, US Airborne, German Airborne, Finland #1 & #2, Canada #1 & #2, Vehicle #1, #2, #3 & #4, UK Airborne, Unique Nation Skills, Undead, Shore Assaults, Medals, Fortifications (DVG) US
Warfighter Game Mats: Pacific, Korea (DVG)

Neuheiten 01.04.19

A Gate of Hell: Hex-and-Counter/American Civil War/Simulation (Against the Odds) US
Napoleon’s Last Gamble: Roads to Hal, Belgium 1815 Expansion (OSG) US
Napoleon Retreats – Campaign in France Part 2, 1814: Hex-and-Counter/Simulation (OSG) US
Strategy and Tactics Magazine: Issue #316 – Campaigns of 1777 (Decision) US
Triumph of Chaos v.2 – Deluxe: Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Hex-and-Counter/Point to Point Movement/Simulation (Clash of Arms) US

Neuheiten 21.03.19

Counter-Attack – The Battle of Arras 1940: WWII/Area-Impulse  (Revolution) US
Victory & Glory – Napoleon: Napoleonic/Campaign/Battle Card Driven (Forbidden) US
Victory & Glory – Napoleon: Premium Edition (Forbidden) US

Neuheiten 14.03.19

The Late Unpleasantness: Dice Rolling/Point to Point Movement/Simulation (Compass) US
Pacific Tide: Area Movement/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Simulation (Compass) US
Panzer: Expansion #4 – France 11940 (GMT) US
Paper Wars Issue #91: Jihad (Compass) US
Paths of Glory Deluxe: Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Dice Rolling/Point to Point Movement (GMT) US
SPQR Deluxe Second Edition: Dice Rolling/Hex-and-Counter/Simulation (GMT) US

Neuheiten 28.02.19

C3i Magazine #32: The Battle of Issy and The Battle of Gettysburg (RBM) US
Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #5: The French Foreign Legion (Decision) US

Neuheiten 14.02.19

Apocalypse in the East – The Rise of the First Caliphate 646-656 A.D.: Against the Odds Series/Medieval/Hex-and-Counter (Against the Odds) US
Modern War Magazine #39: Axis of Evil – Iran (Decision) US
Modern War Magazine #40: Chechnya (Decision) US
Thunder in the East: WWII/Hex-and-Counter (Victory Point) US

Neuheiten 08.02.19

1940 – Fall of France: Panzer Grenadier Series/Hex-and-Counter/Dice Rolling/Secret Unit Deployment/Modular Board/Simulation (Avalanche Press) US
Africa Orientale Italiana: Panzer Grenadier Series/Hex-and-Counter/Dice Rolling/Secret Unit Deployment/Modular Board/Simulation (Avalanche Press) US
Commands & Colors Tricorne – The American Revolution: The French & More! Expansion (Compass) US
Conquest of Ethiopia: Panzer Grenadier Series/Hex-and-Counter/Dice Rolling/Secret Unit Deployment/Modular Board/Simulation (Avalanche Press) US
Horn of Africa: Second World War at Sea Series/Hex-and-Counter/Secret Unit Deployment/Simulation (Avalanche Press) US
Pacific Tide – The United States Versus Japan 1941-45: Area Movement/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Simulation (Compass) US
Tinian – The Forgotten Battle: Company Scale System/Hex-and-Counter/Simulation (Compass) US