Neuheiten 12.03.20

Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans (Renegade) US
Ghostbusters – Blackout: Dicegame/Cooperative Play/Ghosts (IDW) US
Gloomy Graves: Set Collection/Tile Placement (Renegade) US
Stellar: Card Game/Hand Management (Renegade) US
Tranquility Base: Space Exploration/Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Hand Management/Set Collection (Worthington) US
Miniaturen & Tabletop:     
Air Campaigns #15: Battle of the Atlantic 1939-41 (Osprey) US
Anatomy #95: Tudor Warship Mary Rose (Osprey) US
Campaigns #346: Yalu River 1950-51 (Osprey) US
Combat #46: British Riflemen vs French Skirmisher (Osprey) US
Elite #231: Soviet Airborne Forces 1930-91 (Osprey) US
Elite #232: World War II US Fast Carrier Task Force Tactics (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #278: US Navy Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #279: American Privateers of the Revolutionary War (Osprey) US
Custer’s Last Stand: Action Points/Dice Rolling/Hexagon Grid/Simulation/Solitaire Game (Worthington) US
Devil Dogs – Belleau Wood 1918: bb (Worthington) US
How the West was Saved – The Russo-Polish War 1920: Dice Rolling/Hexagon Grid/Movement Points/Turn Order Random (Stratagemata) US
Shiloh 1862: American Civil War/Hexagon Grid (Worthington) US
Stalingrad Besieged: Campaign/Battle Card Driven/Secret Unit Deployment (Worthington) US
Struggle for Europe 1939-45: Card Drafting/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Point to Point Movement/Simulation (Worthington) US
Victoria Cross II Deluxe: Dice Rolling/Hexagon Grid/Secret Unit Deployment (Worthington) US