Neuheiten 22.01.21

Chocolate Factory: Action Points/Bias/Card Drafting/Contracts/End Game Bonuses/Pick-up and Deliver (Alley Cat) US
Cloud Control: Party Game/Pattern Building/Pattern Recognition (25th Century) US
Codenames: Marvel (USAopoly) US
Detective – City of Angels: Action Points/Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Team-Based Game (Van Ryder) US
Detective – City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood (Van Ryder) US
Dice Hospital: Community Care (Alley Cat) US
Dobble: Harry Potter (Asmodee) DT
Dominations: Hegemon (Holy Grail) US
Dream Runners: Grid Coverage/Pattern Building/Set Collection/Square Grid/Tile Placement (Ankama) US
ERA: Das Mittelalter Erweiterung (Pegasus) DT
Escape Dysturbia: Gefahr in den Docks (homunculus) DT
Florenza: Xth Anniversary Edition (Post Scriptum) US
Four Word Thinking: Simultaneous Action Selection/Tile Placement (Chronicle Books) US
Gloomhaven: Die Pranken des Löwen (Feuerland) DT
Homeworlds: Abstract Strategy/Modular Board/Player Elimination/Point to Point Movement (Looney Labs) US
Ice Duo: Dice Rolling/Pattern Building/Point to Point Movement/Push Your Luck/Set Collection/Three Dimensional Movement (Looney Labs) US
Imperial Settlers: Aufstieg eines Imperiums (Pegasus) DT
Markgrafen von Valeria: Area Movement/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Schwerkraft) DT
Martian Chess: Abstract Strategy/Grid Movement (Looney Labs) US
Mint Works: Card Drafting/Worker Placement (Five24 Labs) US
Mint Delivery: Action Points/Contracts/Increase Value of Unchosen Resources/Pick-up and Deliver/Point to Point Movement (Five24 Labs) US
Mint Cooperative: Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Variable Player Powers (Five24 Labs) US
Mississippi Queen: Grid Movement/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver (Super Meeple) US
Monkey Business: Dice Rolling/Secret Identity/Party Game (Add a Game) US
Museum: The People’s Choice, The World Fair, The Archeologist, The Black Market (Holy Grail) US
Mystery Detective Vol. 2: Funny Death Real Life Cases (Add-A-Game) US
Nomids: Dice Rolling/Set Collection (Looney Labs) US
On the Origin of Species 2nd Edition: Hand Management/Tile Placement (Artana) US
Pan Am: Auction/Bidding/Constrained Bidding/Income/Network and Route Building (Funko) US
Poisons: Push Your Luck/Take That (Lumenaris) US
Secrets of the Lost Station: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Movement Points/Narrative Choice (Everything Epic) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Alternative Gender Heroes for Swamps of Death and City of Ancients (Flying Frog) US
Small Samurai Empires: Area Majority/Area Influence/Enclosure/Grid Movement/Modular Board (Archona) US
Tinderblox: Player Elimination/Stacking and Balancing (Alley Cat) US
Tungaru: Area Majority/Area Influence/Area Movement/End Game Bonuses/Set Collection/Worker Placement with Dice Workers (Alley Cat) DT
U.S. Telegraph: Connections/Modular Board/Network and Route Building/Tile Placement (Super Meeple) US
Vampire The Masquerade Heritage: Legacy/Once-Per-Game Abilities (Nice) US & DT
Pen & Paper:
13th Age: Book of Ages, Book of Demons (Pelgrane) US
Business Wizards RPG: A roleplaying game in the Arcane World of Business (9th Level) US
FATE: Science Fiction Handbuch (Uhrwerk) DT
Metamorphosis Alpha: Doom in the Warden (Goodman) US
Chancellorsville 1863: Action/Event/Card Play Conflict Resolution/Command Cards/Dice Rolling/Grid Movement/Hand Management/Hidden Movement/Move Through Deck/Re-rolling and Locking/Simulation/Solitaire Game/Variable Set-up (Worthington) US
The Conquistadors – The Spanish Conquest of the Americas 1518-1548: In the half-century after Columbus, small bands of daring Spanish adventurers conquered Central and South America, destroying the huge armies of long-established native empires in the process. Some won great fortunes in gold, while many others only died an early death. These men were The Conquistadors. (Compass) US
Panzer Grenadier: Leyte 1944 (Avalanche Press) US
Quartermaster General: Total War (Ares) US
Second World War at Sea: The Cruel Sea, Islands (Avalanche Press) US
Shores of Tripoli: From the end of the American Revolution, commercial vessels of the young United States republic were easy prey for the pirates of the Barbary coast. In 1801, newly inaugurated President Thomas Jefferson was eager to put an end to this threat and sent a „squadron of observation“ to the Mediterranean. As the squadron arrived in Gibraltar, they learned that the bashaw of Tripoli had already declared WAR! (Fort Circle) US