Neuheiten 25.03.21

7 Summits: Dice Rolling/Drafting/Push Your Luck (Deep Water) US
Aliens – The Board Game: Alien Queen, Alien Warriors, Sulaco Survivors, Heroes of Hadley Hope (Gale Force 9) US
Back to the Future – Back in Time: Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck/Variable Player Powers (Funko) US
The Binding of Isaac – Four Souls: Dice Rolling/Take That/Variable Player Powers (Studio 71) US
City of Angels: Action Points/Area Movement/Cooperative Game/Team-Based Game (Pegasus) DT
Die Crew: Mission Tiefsee (Kosmos) DT
Gascony’s Legacy: Area Majority/Area Influence/Cooperative Game/Dice Rolling/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver (Jasco) US
Gascony’s Legacy: Core Game, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask, 3D Terrain (Jasco) US
Hack & Slash: Fantasy/Dice Rolling/Push Your Luck (Steve Jackson) US
High Frontier 4 All: Auction/Bidding/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management/Network and Route Building/Pick-up and Deliver/Simulation/Variable Player Powers (Sierra Madre) US
High Frontier 4 All: Core Game, Module 1 – Terawatt & Futures, Module 2 – Colonization (Sierra Madre) US
Rajas of the Ganges: Goodie Box 2 (R&R) US
Räuber aus Skythien: Dice Rolling/Hand Management/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (Schwerkraft) DT
Riftforce: Area Movement/Card Drafting/Deck Construction/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Drafting/Hand Management/Race/Variable Player Powers/Variable Set-up (Asmodee) DT
Seeders from Sereis – Exodus: Auction/Bidding/Card Drafting/Deck, Bag, Pool Building (Wizkids) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Enemy Pack Bone Eaters, Enemy Pack Magma Fiends (Flying Frog) US
Sugar Heist: Set Collection/Trading/Candy Theme (Studio 71) US
Tapeworm: Pattern Building/Tile Placement/Abstract Strategy (Studio 71) US
The Umbrella Academy: Card Game/Cooperative Game/Variable Player Powers (Studio 71) US
Unmatched – Battle of Legends: Cobble and Fog (Restoration) US
Waddle: Pattern Building/Pattern Movement/Pattern Recognition (Wizkids) US