Neuheiten 21.05.21

2 Minute Dino Deal: Income/Market/Worker Placement (Petersen) US
Bristol 1350: Deduction/Dice Rolling/Different Dice Movement/Hidden Roles/Player Elimination/Semi-Cooperative Game (Facade) US
Bullet: Pattern Building/Push Your Luck/Real-Time/Variable Player Powers (Level 99) US
Buntes Burano: Neue Einheimische Mini Erweiterung (Board Game Circus) DT
Chartae: Modular Board/Pattern Building/Tile Plcement (Board Game Circus) Multilingual
Dive: Action Points/Programmed Movement/Push Your Luck/Race/Simultaneous Action Selection/Variable Player Powers (Pegasus) DT
Fired Up: Betting and Bluffing/Dice Rolling/Simultaneous Action Selection (Drawlab) US
Fired Up: Core Game, Agility Expansion, Monster Expansion (Drawlab) US
Four Gardens: Action Points/Hand Management/Set Collection (Korea Boardgames) US
Galaxy Hunters: Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (IDW) US
Galaxy Hunters: New Ways to Hunt (IDW) US
Ghost Adventure: Action/Dexterity (Pegasus) DT
A Gentle Rain: Puzzle/Solitaire Game/Tile Placement (Mondo) US
Horizon Zero Dawn – The Board Game: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management (Steamforged) US
Hunt the Ravager: Grid Movement/Memory/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver/Secret Unit Deployment (Kolossal) US
Keepers of the Questar: Grid Movement/Hidden Movement/Moving Multiple Units/Multiple Maps/Square Grid/Variable Set-up (Upper Deck) US
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition (IELLO) US
Lions of Lydia: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/End Game Bonuses/Variable Set-up/Worker Placement (Bellwether) US
Petrichor: Honeybee (Mighty Boards) US
Ruination: Action Queue/Dice Rolling/Die Icon Resolution/Drafting (Kolossal) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Hero Pack – Jargono Native (Flying Frog) US
Solar Storm: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Dranda) US
Stoner Parking Lot: Party Game/Set Collection (killjoy) US
Supercharged: Modular Board/Movement Points/Moving Multiple Units/Race (Dietz Foundation) US
Sweetlandia: Card Game/Auction/Bidding (Ultra PRO) US
Tekhenu – Obelisk of the Sun: Action Drafting/Income/Pattern Building/Variable Set-up (Board&Dice) US
Tentacle Town: City Building/Dice Rolling/Worker Placement (Monster Fight Club) US
Teotihuacan: Expansion Period (Board&Dice) US
Tiny Acrobats: Card Drafting/Pattern Building/Push Your Luck/Stacking and Balancing (Matagot) US
Umbra Via: Area Majority/Area Influence/Auction/Bidding/Tile Placement (Pandasaurus) US
Wildes Weltall: End Game Bonuses/Hand Management/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Variable Set-up (Board Game Circus) DT
Wildes Weltall: Aliens (Board Game Circus) DT
Wishland: End Game Bonuses/Income/Set Collection/Variable Set-up/Worker Placement (Lost Games) US
Zura: Hand Management/Memory/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers (Agie) US