Neuheiten 21.05.21


2 Minute Dino Deal: Income/Market/Worker Placement (Petersen) US

Bristol 1350: Deduction/Dice Rolling/Different Dice Movement/Hidden Roles/Player Elimination/Semi-Cooperative Game (Facade) US
Bullet: Pattern Building/Push Your Luck/Real-Time/Variable Player Powers (Level 99) US
Buntes Burano: Neue Einheimische Mini Erweiterung (Board Game Circus) DT
Chartae: Modular Board/Pattern Building/Tile Plcement (Board Game Circus) Multilingual
Dive: Action Points/Programmed Movement/Push Your Luck/Race/Simultaneous Action Selection/Variable Player Powers (Pegasus) DT
Fired Up: Betting and Bluffing/Dice Rolling/Simultaneous Action Selection (Drawlab) US
Fired Up: Core Game, Agility Expansion, Monster Expansion (Drawlab) US
Four Gardens: Action Points/Hand Management/Set Collection (Korea Boardgames) US
Galaxy Hunters: Set Collection/Variable Player Powers/Worker Placement (IDW) US
Galaxy Hunters: New Ways to Hunt (IDW) US
Ghost Adventure: Action/Dexterity (Pegasus) DT
A Gentle Rain: Puzzle/Solitaire Game/Tile Placement (Mondo) US
Horizon Zero Dawn – The Board Game: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Deck, Bag, Pool Building/Hand Management (Steamforged) US
Hunt the Ravager: Grid Movement/Memory/Modular Board/Pick-up and Deliver/Secret Unit Deployment (Kolossal) US
Keepers of the Questar: Grid Movement/Hidden Movement/Moving Multiple Units/Multiple Maps/Square Grid/Variable Set-up (Upper Deck) US
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition (IELLO) US
Lions of Lydia: Deck, Bag, Pool Building/End Game Bonuses/Variable Set-up/Worker Placement (Bellwether) US
Petrichor: Honeybee (Mighty Boards) US
Ruination: Action Queue/Dice Rolling/Die Icon Resolution/Drafting (Kolossal) US
Shadows of Brimstone: Hero Pack – Jargono Native (Flying Frog) US
Solar Storm: Action Points/Cooperative Game/Hand Management/Solitaire Game (Dranda) US
Stoner Parking Lot: Party Game/Set Collection (killjoy) US
Supercharged: Modular Board/Movement Points/Moving Multiple Units/Race (Dietz Foundation) US
Sweetlandia: Card Game/Auction/Bidding (Ultra PRO) US
Tekhenu – Obelisk of the Sun: Action Drafting/Income/Pattern Building/Variable Set-up (Board&Dice) US
Tentacle Town: City Building/Dice Rolling/Worker Placement (Monster Fight Club) US
Teotihuacan: Expansion Period (Board&Dice) US
Tiny Acrobats: Card Drafting/Pattern Building/Push Your Luck/Stacking and Balancing (Matagot) US
Umbra Via: Area Majority/Area Influence/Auction/Bidding/Tile Placement (Pandasaurus) US
Wildes Weltall: End Game Bonuses/Hand Management/Set Collection/Solitaire Game/Variable Set-up (Board Game Circus) DT
Wildes Weltall: Aliens (Board Game Circus) DT
Wishland: End Game Bonuses/Income/Set Collection/Variable Set-up/Worker Placement (Lost Games) US
Zura: Hand Management/Memory/Set Collection/Variable Player Powers (Agie) US
Pen & Paper:
Against the Darkmaster: The Darkmaster, an immensely powerful being of pure Evil, threatens the world once again. The last hope of the Free Kins lies in a handful of heroes, who alone dare to defy Him. (Open Ended) US
Against the Darkmaster: Core Rules, GM Screen and Book (Open Ended) US
Animal Adventures: Enemies of Gullet Cove, Cats of Gullet Cove (Steamforged) US
Call of Cthulhu: Berlin – Welthauptstadt der Sünde, Rostocks Sieben, De Vermis Mysterii (Pegasus) DT
Shadowrun: Street Wyrd (Catalyst) US
Miniaturen & Tabletop:

Campaigns #322: Caudine Forks 321 BC (Osprey) US

Campaigns #361: The Falklands Naval Campaign 1982 (Osprey) US
Combat #55: Roman Legionary vs Gallic Warrior (Osprey) US
Duels #110: Arab Armour vs Israeli Armour (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #292: Italian Destroyers of World War II (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #293: Navy Gunboats 1885 – 1945 (Osprey) US
New Vanguard #294: Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944 (Osprey) US
Men at Arms #538: Napoleon’s Women Camp Followers (Osprey) US
Raid #54: Storm-333 (Osprey) US
Weapon #78: The Bayonet (Osprey) US

The Battle of Armageddon: Deluxe Edition (Compass) US

Bayonets & Tomahawks: A 2-player strategic game focusing on the French & Indian War 1755-1760. Its fluid yet rich system ensures fun for players of all levels (GMT) US
Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles (GMT) US
Dawn of Battle:  A hex-and-counter wargame allowing players to refight historical battles from roughly 1500 BCE to 1500 CE or 3000 years of combat. Players take the roles of the great commanders of history, including Xerxes, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Saladin, and William Wallace (Worthington) US
Deadly Woods – Battle of the Bulge:  Yet another Battle of the Bulge game? Why yes. But one with a different approach. Specifically, award-winning designer Ted S. Raicer has taken a modified version of the chit pull system pioneered in GMT’s The Dark Valley: The East Front 1941-45 and brought it west for an exciting new take on this classic wargame subject (Revolution) US
Deadly Woods – Battle of the Bulge: Boxed Version, Ziplock Version (Revolution) US
Modern War #53: Objective Kassel – 7 Days to the Rhine Vol. 4 (Decision) US
Napoleon’s Imperium 1789 – 1815: The game pitches eight Empire Nations of the Napoleonic Wars, divided into two Alliances in a fight to the death struggle for control of Napoleonic Europe (Compass) US
Strategy & Tactics #328: Vicksburg – The Assault on Stockade Redan, May 1863 (Decision) US
World at War #77: Winter War – Finland vs the Sovjet Union 1939 (Decision) US